How to Wear White Dresses

How to Wear White Dresses: Simple Style Guide

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How to Wear White Dresses: Simple Style Guide. Is there anything more classic than a gorgeous white dress? This piece is so beautifully timeless and contemporary all at once, amazingly versatile and always complimentary to any type of beauty. With so many benefits, it really is a wonder that we all don’t have at least one white dress stashed away in our wardrobe somewhere. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect white frock and you’re in need of a little more convincing, or you have one hiding in your closet and you’re looking for a few fresh ideas to dress it up for your upcoming occasions, these tips are going to come in very handy for you! Keep reading for a simple style guide to transforming your white dress every time you reach for it…

All white everything 

Why not let that clean, crisp and striking simplicity of your white dress really shine by accentuating the eye catching colour as much as you possibly can? Dressing your white frock with all white accessories creates an almost angelic, desperately beautiful ensemble that’s classic, cool, and creative. Choose white-toned accessories such as snowy resin jewellery, a white satin headband, a fresh cotton clutch, and a sheer shawl to put together a stunning, memorable outfit that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Old world glamour 

A white dress is a perfect backdrop for expressing a little old world Hollywood glamour! The aesthetic of a time gone by is relatively simple to put together, and very effective when you get the balance right. Start with a swipe of fire engine red lipstick, curl your hair into net uniform waves, add a simple string of pearls, a flick of inky eyeliner and step into some pointed toe satin shoes. It really is that easy to look like you wandered straight off of the silver screen!

Beautifully bohemian 

Create a beautiful boho vibe for your white dress by layering tactile textures and eclectic accessories. The key here is gathering as interesting and buildable as outfit components as possible. Reach for crochet shawls, silk and embroidered accessories, tulle pieces and plenty of stackable jewellery to tell a story with what you’re wearing. Try to stick to a neutral colour palette so as not to lose the beauty of your white dress beneath all of these intricacies. 

Make it mod 

You can also channel the charm of the swinging 60s with your white frock, yet another excuse to travel back in time! Try your hand at some graphic liner, reach for the matte nude lipstick and grab some oversized hoop earrings. Step into some chunky platform shoes and grab a small leather clutch, both in a deep inky black. This strong contrast is so striking and perfectly mod, amazing if you want to look completely unique! 

Pretty pastels 

The fresh, bright and neutral tone of white is the perfect basis for getting expressive with a few pretty pastel hues. Add baby pink shoes, a duck egg green bag, buttercup yellow accents and hints of lilac here and there for a playful pastel scene that is super on-trend and amazingly beautiful. This one is particularly fabulous for summertime styling when you want to keep things effeminate fresh and light. 

There you have it! Proof that the white dress is going to be one of the most versatile and beautiful pieces you could possibly invest your money in. If you don’t already have one to dress up, then it’s high time you got out there and started to hunt for the perfect fit. 


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