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Webassessor Salesforce: Everything you need to know

Many people these days are running behind Webassessor Salesforce certification, considering the benefits that it has to offer. Well, you can be one of them too.

If you want to achieve the certification, you will need to appear for the Salesforce online proctored exam. However, it is necessary to follow the basic steps to appear for the examination.

What is Webassessor Salesforce?

Webassessor is one of the prominent and secure online testing platforms managed by Kryterion, Inc. The examination platform helps to get the Salesforce certification. It is necessary to appear and complete the Webassessor Salesforce certification exam to become a certified professional within the Business Console of Partner Community.

The Salesforce testers will need to appear for QA and Testing Services to ensure higher chances of success in the certification. You need to register within the platform of Webassessor so that you can take the test. The platform stores private information from registration to results.

What is an Online Proctored Exam?

Webassessor manages the Salesforce online proctored exam. These certification exams enable you to take an examination from the comfort of your home. However, these online exams are regulated and managed with a webcam to prevent the examinees from cheating. Anyone can take this test if they meet the eligibility criteria. The test can be taken daily apart from the major holidays in the US.

There is no requirement for advance registration. One can register on the platform today and take the test on the same day. However, if you’re appearing from the proctored exam for the first time, you should ensure that your system functions properly.

The online proctored exams are hailed to be difficult, but they aren’t. As per a survey, around 70% of students had an excellent experience while appearing for online exams because they are convenient and flexible. Moreover, the students do not need to travel to a particular center for the examination, saving their time and money.

Tips while appearing for Webassessor Salesforce certification

If you appear for the Salesforce certification program, you need to take care of every small aspect. Although it is an online examination, it is better to know the dos and don’ts of the examination to avoid being stuck.

Some of the prominent tips to follow while appearing for the Webassessor Salesforce certification program include the following.

Find a clean and comfortable space with good lighting.

The Salesforce exam can be time-consuming and pretty challenging. As a result, it requires extreme dedication. To ensure better productivity, you need to sit in an area with proper lighting. Moreover, the space should also be quiet and clutter-free.

You should also ensure that there’s no one else in the room while you’re taking the test. Even though they won’t, they may turn out to be distracting or disturbing, which may negatively impact your time. While taking the Salesforce certification exam, it is essential to switch your house into private mode.

Test your system before the examination begins

Whether you’ve taken the test before or appearing for one for the first time, you need to make sure your system works just fine. Hence, it is advisable to check how your computer, webcam, and microphone are working. If you check the system beforehand, you will avoid technical difficulties while taking the test.

You should set up the system and check with the installation of Kryterions software. Moreover, the biometric profile setup is extremely time-consuming. Hence, make sure to set it up before time so that you need to waste any time while taking the examination.

A strong internet connection

A strong and stable internet connection is vital while taking the test. Internet glitches can make you lose connection, thereby causing disruptions in your examination. As a result, it is essential to check your internet connection.

The experts advise using LAN cable rather than WiFi to avoid software problems. It would help if you had a strong internet connection to appear for the examination. Moreover, a stable internet connection is necessary for people living outside the USA because of the increasing probability of technical glitches and software problems.

You can’t write on paper

You will appear for an online exam, so any writing material is a big No-No. Hence, make sure you get used to not writing on paper. This policy of “no writing on paper” helps to avoid cheating.

This helps to ensure safety for everyone. You are to write answers or rather type, which is why you will need to start practicing. You can take up the practice examinations to prepare yourself for appearing in the examination.

Turn off the antivirus programs and remove caches

The main aim of antivirus programs is to offer safety to your computer. However, in many cases, it may backfire as it can block some features. Therefore, you should make sure to remove caches and turn off the examinations before the start of your examination. Moreover, there’s enough support available across the internet to help you with.

You should also remove the extra add-ons. You should disable every feature that can prevent the proctor from viewing or hearing you. This is because if the proctor can’t see you, they will assume you’re cheating or using any unfair means, which can reduce your chances of getting the certification. If you can’t switch the programs off, you should opt for tech support.

Don’t spend too much time on a question

The Webassessor Salesforce certification exams are usually less than 2 hours. As a result, you don’t want to keep coming up to every exam. You should avoid spending too much time on a particular question. Moreover, going back and forth is going to cause a lot of confusion that you should.

According to experts, you should spend around 1.5 minutes on every question. Not only does it help you with better selections, but it also gives you enough time to review the examination questions. Furthermore, you will have enough time at the end of each question so that you can have a great time.


Whenever taking the Webassessor Salesforce exam, you need to avoid doing any means to land you in trouble. It is advisable to prepare yourself for the initial stages.

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