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Condom Companies: The Leading Brands in India & Around The World

The condom business is one of the highest-selling businesses in the world. According to the reports, by 2022, the condom companies will have a global revenue of around $11 billion. 

Everyone around the world is making an effort to promote sex education and the risk of infections related to sex. This is, however, paving the way for condom companies in India to bring changes in their marketing strategies. These companies are moreover creating an impact to standardize the education system. 

Condom Companies and Marketing

Several condom companies around the world are adopting different marketing strategies. However, the adoption of unique marketing strategies has allowed the top names of condoms to come into the limelight. The CAGR is expected to grow during this period. 

The marketing strategies of these condom companies have had a huge impact on lives. Whether practising safe sex after marriage or before marriage, a condom is essential. Taking care of the basics and understanding the needs can pave the way for safer sex and eventually better education in the same field. 

Top condom companies in India and around the world

The best names of condoms are, however, paving the way for market growth. The use of condoms, however, can play an important role in avoiding the risk of STI and STD. Some of the major condom companies bringing a revolution with their unique marketing strategies include the following:


Durex is one of the most known condom companies mostly because of its unique marketing strategies. Unlike other condom brands, Durex always makes it a point to stay on top of the trends. Whether cricket or food or any other occasion, Durex finds its way to make relevant content.

Source: Durex

This UK-based company is famous for its lubricants, rings and condoms. In several countries, they have launched Program H to promote gender equity. Durex is definitely one of the biggest companies to promote sex education for everyone. 


Another very famous condom brand in India is Manforce. This pharmaceutical company is popular for its wide range of condoms. The Manforce Extra Dotted condoms are, however, one of the most popular ones. 

The dotted condom is aimed at offering better G spot friction which eventually helps to elevate pleasure. While the dotted condoms do not have flavours, Manforce is different from others. They launched the extra dotted condoms in coffee flavour to add some sweetness to the pleasurable moments. 

Trojan Condoms

Trojan Condoms is one of the globally popular condom companies. They are the best-selling in the USA and are owned by Church & Dwight Company. Trojan's best product, however, is its female condom, Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms. This condom has extra latex that helps to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and STIs. 

condom companies
Source: Trojan

Trojan was one of the first condom brands to have launched condoms in the market with a female perspective. A trojan is very popular for its lubricants and vibrators too. Trojan has around 30 condom varieties, giving tough competition to other condom companies. 


Deriving its name from the ancient Sanskrit text, Kamasutra is one of India's oldest condom selling brands. Despite being old, it has to be one of the best brands. With time, they have also launched a wide range of products in the market. The ultra-thin condoms are, however, one of the best releases. 

Unlike other brands, Kamasutra isn't very expensive. It is pretty cheap. The packet or cover of the brand has some graphics and designs inspired by human sexual behavior. Kamasutra condoms are designed with complete care to prevent the risk of pregnancy


If you want the best extra time condoms that can set the mood, then Kohinoor condoms are the best. Kohinoor condoms, too, are one of the oldest condoms in the Indian market. 

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Source: Kohinoor

Kohinoor condoms are anatomically shaped and are ultra-thin. Like most condom brands, it is available in varieties. The dotted condoms are, however, one of the most popular as they offer extra pleasure and time. 

Kohinoor condoms are medically tested to prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Kohinoor condoms use the best latex material and are extremely well lubricated. 


Moods are also one of the many popular brands in India. It sports different flavours like fruit, coffee, aloe vera, chocolate and more. However, one of the most important aspects of Moods condoms is that they feature 1500 dots. 

The dotted condoms from Moods are extremely popular. It is one of the most trusted condom brands. The marketing strategies by Moods is what gets everyone's attention. The skin range condom by Moods became extremely popular. 

Moods condoms help to enhance pleasure with extra time. It helps to heighten pleasure and joy while adding some extra eroticism. 


Another quite popular condom brand in India is Skore. The NotOut Climax Delay is, however, the most popular range for Skore condoms. With raised 1500 dots, Skore promises to delay climax and heighten pleasure. 

condom companies
Source: Amazon

The special lubricant helps to delay climax in men, thereby enhancing pleasure for both parties. The long-lasting formula is one of the best parts of these condoms that make them so popular. (  

The unique lubricant of Skore helps to slow down the ejaculation process, thereby allowing men to last long. So, men, take note- if you want to satisfy your lady love, this might just be the best condom brand for you. 


The super dotted condoms by Playgard are one of the best choices to make. It stimulates and allows the couple to have a great time together. 

Playgard's chocolate is one of the most popular flavours. Not only are these condoms meant to prevent pregnancy, but they are also to heighten pleasure during sex. 

Final Thoughts

So many condom companies are contributing towards better sex education. These condom companies help to heighten pleasure during sex- be it oral or physical. These companies manufacture male and female condoms to heighten pleasure. The female condom market is very popular globally, and urbanization will positively impact the market. Undoubtedly, this will be the highest-grossing market.