Bridesmaid for Every Budget

15 Stunning Wedding & Bridesmaid for Every Budget and Occasion

When you’re looking for custom wedding dresses online, Olivia Bottega is your first, last, and only stop. One look at our selection of gowns will convince you that you’ll find the dress of your dreams with us. We specialize in elegant bridal gowns and accessories for every type of bride. Discover the latest trends in the bridal world, along with timeless classics. Pick out a one-of-a-kind gown that will show everyone you’re a one-of-a-kind bride. Bridesmaid for Every Budget-

1. Mermaid Beaded Lace Wedding Dress Ariana With Mikado Puff Sleeves


Perfect mermaid gown, for the bride who likes shiny things and won’t settle for paper rings. he best part about this gorgeous dress is the detachable puff Mikado sleeves – put them on and you’re a romantic princess, take them off and you’re a sexy queen.

2. Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress Torni
Bridesmaid for Every Budget

Spaghetti straps are for Bridesmaid for Every Budget and are drawing all of the attention to your back, neck, and arms, of course! Sparkly silver corset is tight enough to hold you alongside with your partner, though all of the shiver on your special day!

3. Sparkly Midi Evening Dress Ramona
Bridesmaid for Every Budget Bridesmaid for Every Budget 

4. Front Slit Triangle Pattern Glitter Wedding Dress Grace


By grace but not only through faith, but through the unforgettable fabric and design too. A dress that will make your heart skip a few beats, and then rush like crazy. The corset is made in a high-neck form, but to not make it too modest, we added a very sexy slit throughout the whole front of the bodice – starting with your neck and ending somewhere around your waist – yes, stunning.

5. Short Satin Party Dress Coco


6. Cutout Rhinestone Corset Wedding Dress Naomi


A perfect dress that is absolutely trendy and show stopping too. Gentle corset in a sweetheart cut is added by a very peculiar and unique detail – deep decollete that is going to show your skin just about right, but don’t worry, it will still be covered with an illusion tulle around your torso.

7. Mikado Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress Jacqueline With Detachable Skirt


Wondrous mikado dress for the most stylish bride. Dip yourself into a mermaid gown that will sweep everyone off their feet once they see you. The corset is cut in an off-the-shoulder manner, but with a smart twist – the fabric is literally twisted around your waist and the back, so it looks like the whole dress is made out of the whole piece of fabric, a very attractive detail.

8. Satin Evening Dress Amber


9. Long Sleeves V-neck Sequin Embroidery Wedding Dress Margaret


The dress that looks like every woman in history would approve. Stunning V-neck corset, added by a slightly puffed and long sleeves, is already a great idea by itself. The whole corset is covered in lace, but not just any lace – a beaded lace, yes, we handpicked and created the patterns ourselves, so you’d look more unique and extravagant.

10. Sparkle Wedding Dress Heist


This is what sunrays reflecting off a first snow, captured in a dress look like. A-line silhouette accents your waist, floating yards of fabric spread all over your body into a subtle train, creating very real image of crusted diamonds all over.

11. 2 in 1 Midi Party Dress Monika


12. Wedding Dress Viteria


Our beautiful Vieria dress is just as pretty as a lighting caught in a bottle – shiny, wild and free. Dense corset is covered on top with beautiful see-through voluminous lace patterns that shine like a moonlight on the night river.

13. Swiss Dot Wedding Dress Dions with Detachable Train

Gentle and royal at the same time. Swiss dot cherie dress is a very romantic and boho choice for a beach wedding, or actually any venue. Semi sweetheart decollete is adorned with airy off-the-shoulder slightly puff sleeves that can be as well worn on top of your shoulders too.

14. Gold Midi Evening Dress Karolina


15. Sparkle Wedding Dress Miranda- Bridesmaid for Every Budget


Have you ever been in love? Let us describe it to you, through this gorgeously delicate glitter dress for your most special day. If you always wanted to look elegant and succinctly bright – this has to be your dress of choice. Relaxed V-neck and slightly see-though sleeves – will make your lover’s heart beat faster.

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