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7 Hacks To Make Your Wedding Shoot Go Viral

A wedding shoot is a memorable experience. But what could make it more remarkable is having it go viral. A viral wedding shoot extends the beauty of your special day to a larger audience.  

Wondering how to make this happen? Here are proven hacks to make your wedding shoot go viral. 

1. Use Instagram Growth Strategies

Instagram remains one of the most prominent social media networks. But not just that, it’s a leading platform for sharing visual content such as photos and videos. Hence, it’s a reliable tool to make your wedding shoot viral.

Instagram has all kinds of users from all walks of life. So, sharing your wedding shots on the platform increases its potential of reaching more people. Nevertheless, you must understand that due to the competition on social media, going viral on Instagram requires having followers. 

Follower growth can be tricky, but with Instagram growth service, you can significantly improve the visibility and reach of your images. Regardless of your current followers, Instagram growth services will help you grow your account through several tools. 

2. Leverage Your Network 

You have significant roles to play in getting your pictures to go viral. Nonetheless, there’s so much your network of friends and colleagues can contribute to help you accomplish your goal.

If you have high-profile connections, you can ask them to repost or share your wedding images on their social accounts. If they do, your shots get shared with people in their network. Doing so allows you to get your content to people not in your network. Eventually, you may have it reposted by people you don’t know, translating into more interactions. 

3. Create Your Wedding Hashtag 

Hashtags have become a trendy social platform feature, especially for events like weddings. Creating a unique, catchy, and memorable hashtag for your wedding can boost every content about your wedding.  

Hashtags give an identity to your wedding by encapsulating the names of you and your spouse. You can also try using trendy hashtags to ensure your shots appear with what most people search online. In today’s virtual-sharing world, attaching hashtags to your wedding pictures and videos will have them shared on social platforms. Indeed, hashtags will make it easier for people to find, view, and save your wedding shots.  

4. Be Authentic  

While it’s lovely to see beautiful wedding shots go viral, inauthentic pictures can attract unpleasant feedback and negative reviews. Your best move will be to keep your images authentic in ways that viewers can relate to. Otherwise, they may become irrelevant.  

Rather than gain traction, irrelevant content ends up attracting criticism. And though criticism can make shots go viral, negative criticism is unhealthy feedback on your wedding shots. To avoid such occurrences, ensure you don’t go over the board in trying to create unique photos.  

In short, a viral wedding picture or video demands you to be your authentic self. Being yourself makes the content more relatable.   

5. Work With The Right Photographer  

There’s no point hiring a wannabe wedding photographer when you want your shots to go viral. The level of expertise a photographer brings on board will determine the quality of your pictures.  Have a look at Schmittat Photography for beautiful contemporary wedding photography examples.   

To get quality angles and designs, you should hire a professional photographer. Before agreeing to a deal, check out their portfolio to understand their style and professionalism. Choose a photographer with the skills and whose works reflect the look you want. 

Also, it’d help if your photographer shared your content on their social media sites, especially Instagram. That way, you can leverage the photographer’s online presence and following for more views.

6. Dare To Take A Risk

Taking a risk doesn’t mean doing what will leave you with regrets. Who will want to take a wedding shot jumping off the cliff? But then, you can deliberately veer off the popular path of wedding shots. You may want to choose an outdoor scene rather than a usual studio. The baseline is that you get creative with your approach. Viewers love to see incredible and jaw-dropping shots. By taking the courage to be different, you increase the chances of your pictures going viral.

7. Engage Publicists 

Publicists are professionals who help people get their content out in public for more extensive viewership. Famous examples include bloggers, PR specialists, and influencers. 

At an agreed rate, you can get these professionals to talk about, share, and even recommend your shots to a broader audience. Bloggers, for instance, can create an engaging blog post around wedding shots where they make references to your photos or use them as images for the blog. Influencers, on the flip side, often have substantial social media following which they can expose your pictures in different ways. 

But then, the goal is to have more people seeing and talking about your wedding photos online, which is what publicists do. 


A viral wedding shoot can add more glamour to your wedding event and keep it on top of people’s minds. If you decide to take the viral path, you have just read some of the most effective hacks for making your wedding shots the talk of the moment.

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