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How can I feel confident wearing a crop top?

Summer, or rather, the holidays, begin to give their last breath, and the news of back to school, the office, or routine invades us everywhere. At this time of year, the time has come to show off the results of our investment in hours of sunshine over the last few weeks and show off with our daily outfits the maximum tanned skin that decorum allows us.

Yes, it’s time to take advantage of the last days of miniskirts, sandals, and suspenders. But let’s not forget one of the star garments of this summer season: the crop top.

Fashion has invited us this summer to wear navels and, although it is a tyrannical trend because it forces us to have a magazine belly, these types of garments will be your best companions for the last days of summer.

The classic crop top:

A good crop top is one that will expose your abdomen but you can choose between different heights, from those that end below the chest to those that end above the waist. It is a garment that does not have many more rules and that you can choose in any fabric, color, print, or pattern.

If you want to use it after your routine, it is best to go for neutral designs, in black or white for example, that you can wear undershirts, vests, or blazers. Another great bet can be to choose a total look and accompany the top with a skirt, pants, or shorts made in the same fabric or pattern.

The lingerie tops:

We anticipate that one of the strongest trends for next winter is transparencies, so lingerie will take on a leading role in the coming months. You can get ahead of fashion and choose a lingerie-style top. In order not to make mistakes, simply select rich fabrics such as satin or satin or fine lace trim.

Cute night out tops will look amazing with your night looks. Combine them with tight pants or tube skirts and you will have a first-party outfit. Another option? Use them at any time of the year under a tailored suit, even to go to the office.

A good sleeve cut:

One of the trends that are hitting the hardest this summer are the puffed sleeves and these types of details fit wonderfully with the tops since they add a bucolic, romantic, and even country touch when accompanied by prints.

The sleeves can be of two types. On the one hand, we have the lantern type that is short and cover only the men. We will also find designs with French sleeves or 3/4 cuts that are even longer than the top itself and that elevate the idea of a puffed sleeve to its maximum power.

Time to show off shoulders:

Crop tops not only allow us to show off our abdomen, but if you use some types of patterns, they are a garment that makes your shoulders and neckline stand out. Be careful with tanning in this area because it requires you to have taken precautions to prevent unsightly swimsuit marks.

To achieve a shoulder-flattering neckline, we have many options to choose from. We can opt for the most minimal, which are bandeau-type tops, to tops with strapless necklines. However, trends have decided that this summer the star will be the Bardot neckline, named after the famous actress, and which is the boat-type neckline that crosses from one shoulder to the other.

In t-shirt format:

Another option is to pull on short tops to show off your belly button. It is undoubtedly the best alternative for younger girls, not only because they are more casual designs, but because the drawings, colors, and prints are also aimed at the new generations.

This type of short t-shirt is where the DIY aspect (do it yourself) reigns, even if it is false. The idea is to give the sensation of reusing used garments, so choose designs that look old or even from other times found in a vintage store.

Teenager sweatshirts:

Another of the more youthful options is short sweatshirts. Here what is worn is an almost childlike aesthetic, like a teenager whose clothes have outgrown them.

That is why it is about designs where you can find drawings that remind you of your childhood, whatever your generation since there are references to cinema and television that fit with any fifth. Another option will be to bet on striking sporty-looking sweatshirts that can even have a hood.

A short blouse:

The going out corset tops can evolve into other types of garments that are removed a few centimeters in length to expose the navel. Among these types of new options, the most widespread are blouses. As these forms are so fashionable, it will not be difficult for you to find a cropped shirt in any style, from the most casual ones with a boyfriend look to the most elegant ones that you can wear at night events.

We can find options for long sleeve crop tee, short sleeves, collars with open lapels, and closed necklines – we can even get down to work and give a new air of trend to any shirt that we have forgotten in the closet and to which we no longer give it a try.

Crop tops – even to keep warm:

Finally, we come to an option that can be a contradiction in itself. They are short jackets, a type of outerwear, ideal for halftime, but they do not completely cover the waist.

It seems that this type of cut will accompany us during the fall so we can start preparing our wardrobes because surely in a few days we will be grateful to have a jacket on hand. Our recommendation is to choose a ‘casual’ and sporty style or invest in a new denim jacket that always works as a wardrobe staple.

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