Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey

Here we will go over some benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in New Jersey.

Many states have legalized the possession of marijuana for recreational and medical consumers. However, when it comes to the purchase, possession, and age restrictions, New Jersey provides patients with affordable products that are more easily obtainable. 

If you are a NJ resident considering becoming a marijuana patient, keep reading to discover the many benefits offered to cardholders. 

Low Tax Rates

One of the most impressive benefits of having a medical marijuana card in New Jersey is the meager tax rates. 

Medical marijuana is known to have high tax rates that reach figures as high as %45 in some places. However, New Jersey has a %12 tax rate which is one of the lowest in the country.

Delivery Services

Unlike many states, New Jersey allows the delivery of medical marijuana as long as the cannabis is being purchased by a legal adult and from a licensed dispensary. 

Additionally, dispensaries will be allowed to provide consumers with a designated smoking area for hanging out and trying different products. 

Access to More Potent Products

Since medical marijuana patients normally have conditions that cause intense mental or physical discomfort or anguish, cardholders have access to more potent products than recreational consumers. 

The more potent products are generally only available in dispensaries which is perfect for individuals that plan to purchase their cannabis online. 

Here, you can find a list of qualifying conditions.

Lower Age Restrictions

No matter what state you live in, the federal age of consumption is 21 years old for recreational use. 

Many states also restrict the use of medical marijuana for those under 21. However, in New Jersey, MMJ cardholders must only be 18 years old to smoke cannabis.

Additionally, unlike most states, New Jersey can issue MMJ cards to qualifying minors as long as they consume cannabis in an edible form such as drops, capsules, tablets, syrups, and brownies. 

Easier Application and Purchase

In New Jersey, you are legally allowed to apply for your medical marijuana card online and even have virtual appointments through the doctor’s HIPAA complaint system. If approved, your MMJ card will be mailed to your home address.

Since delivery is available in the state, you can do all of your cannabis shopping online, so you never have to leave the house, which is especially helpful to immobile patients. 

Additionally, NJ consumers receive heavily discounted products if they are medical patients. 

High Purchase and Possession Limits

Another benefit of having a medical marijuana card in New Jersey is that you are legally allowed to purchase and possess more marijuana products than in other states. 

The usual possession limit in other states is usually about two ounces, while the purchase limit is around one or two ounces each month. 

However, in New Jersey you are legally allowed to possess 6 ounces of marijuana and purchase up to three ounces of marijuana monthly.

Full Legal Protection

New Jersey understands the importance of medical marijuana but also has stringent rules regarding purchasing and possessing cannabis.

These rules are in place to ensure that the medication stays out of the hands of minors and that legal consumers have full legal protection.

An example of these regulations is that patients and caregivers may purchase up to 3 ounces of marijuana each month, but there is no purchase limit for terminally ill patients. 

In other legal states, marijuana patients may grow their own plants to ensure they have an ample supply. Since New Jersey removes purchase limits from terminally ill patients, they will always have enough cannabis without the worry of their plants getting into the wrong hands. 


If you are a New Jersey resident considering applying for a medical marijuana card, you will not be disappointed by the many benefits that are far greater than in other states. 

New Jersey medical marijuana patients are legally allowed to purchase and possess more products at a lower tax rate and with better discounts.

Additionally, eligible applicants that are minors may be approved for cannabis medications, while other states prohibit use under 18.

When obtaining an MMJ card and cannabis products in New Jersey, the process is simpler than in other states since you can apply online and have your card and cannabis delivered straight to your door.


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