Who should perform dermal fillers treatments?

Dermal filler procedures are among the most popular ones in the aesthetic medicine sphere; with their help, it is possible to deal with a great variety of cosmetic beauty issues, namely aging signs, skin dehydration, and many others. And even though these products are highly beneficial and can be pretty helpful for practically any patient, it is important to remember that they are not meant to be used at home. Fillers can only be used by licensed medical experts; otherwise, this experience can be dangerous for an individual and lead to threatening, hard-to-cure conditions.

Today, we’d like to discuss people who can use dermal filler injections, as well as a botulinum toxin injection, in their practice to provide customers with the youthful appearance of their dreams.

All information here is provided for educational purposes only. If there are any questions about the treatment, we recommend talking to a qualified professional. 

Which medical professionals can perform botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments?

Filler cosmetic injectables require advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and product administration in general. If not used correctly, it can be dangerous for one’s health and lead to hazardous conditions and complications. ( That’s why in order to buy Botox online (as well as dermal fillers), a valid medical license is needed to prove a doctor’s qualification. Below, we will talk more about people who can legally purchase and use dermal fillers.

Licensed medical doctor

If you are a licensed medical expert, you are allowed to both prescribe and inject Botox and dermal fillers to patients. The main requirement here is to undergo toxin certification training for both injectables. Who can participate in this training?

  • Plastic surgeons;
  • Primary care physicians;
  • Dermatologists.

One thing that should be informed to patients is that dermal filler and Botox injections are able to provide a temporary effect that lasts from six months and up to two years. It’s not like plastic surgery that can give permanent results.

Licensed dentist

Not many people know that, but dentists are more than just fixing your teeth. If you are an expert who wants to extend your dental practice, consider special training to involve botulinum toxin products in your work. Even though dentists are mainly not allowed to use these products for rejuvenating or appearance improvement purposes, they are still available for, for example, TMJ disorders.

Registered nurse/nurse practitioner

In order to be allowed to use dermal fillers and a Botox injection, a nurse should get a certification from a reputable institution. The course typically lasts up to six months (it depends on the institution) and should provide all crucial information when it comes to aesthetic procedures and the treatment of patients with various needs.

How to buy dermal fillers online in the aesthetic medicine sphere?

As it was already mentioned, dermal fillers and Botox for cosmetic procedures can only be purchased by medical experts with valid medical licenses. That means if a supplier agrees to sell you aesthetic medicine goods without even asking for your license number, the chances are they are scammers, and it is better to be careful. There are two possible scenarios here:

  1. They will scam you for money;
  2. They will send you expired (or close to expired) goods.

However, if you are indeed a licensed expert, you can look for possible supplier options online, talk to your colleagues, or read feedback online to make sure you make the right choice. If everything is done correctly, the parcel should be delivered to you within a few days.

The bottom line

Dermal fillers require careful administration technique and high expertise from a doctor. The skin on the face is incredibly sensitive and has to be treated carefully; otherwise, the consequences can be quite dangerous. So, it is crucial to make sure to know all nuances of this type of medical procedure. But don’t worry, if you are in the trustworthy hands of a reliable medical professional, the process should be fast and cause no severe adverse reactions afterward. That’s it for today; thank you for reading. Stay safe!


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