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How To Pick The Best Swimwear For Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon signals the beginning of your marriage and could be the next thing couples look forward to celebrating after the wedding. It is the culmination of your union, so celebrating it in a romantic destination will be fitting. Typically, couples have their bags ready for the ultimate honeymoon vacation right after the wedding reception, and many couples can’t wait to get away.  

You’ve put so much thought into where you’re going. Is it in sunny Bangkok, the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, or the exciting dunes at the beach of Dune de Pyla in France? It would be best if you had also put careful thought into your swimwear so you could enjoy your time in that coveted destination in style.  

You may already be looking for the best swimwear to bring months before your wedding. Of course, you’re going to be snapping many photos for posterity. It would help if you were ready to post your bikini OOTD on social media to update your friends and family. You need to bring not only one or two, but a lot of swimwear, especially if it’s going to be an extended vacation. If you need to buy a variety of swimwear, you may check out https://bydeeaus.com/ and other similar shops. 

To help you choose the best swimwear to bring to your honeymoon, consider the following tips: 

1.Pick One That Complements Your Silhouette 

First, you don’t need to worry about your body shape when you’re at the beach. You’re meant to enjoy this time with your partner and try to focus on the two of you. However, if you want to walk along the shoreline in broad daylight confidently, choose a swimsuit that complements your body silhouette. There are six basic silhouettes; find one that matches your body and select swimwear that suits that type of shape. To give you an easier time, here’s a suggestion you might find helpful: 

  • Triangle – Also called pear shape, this shape is bottom-heavy, meaning the hips are wider than the shoulder. For this type of body shape, you must highlight the curves of your full hips and buttocks. Wear a high-waisted bikini with a top that will show off your decolletage. 
  • Inverted Triangle – This is also called the apple shape, with the shoulder and bust wider than the hips. You may wear a bikini with ties on the sides to highlight and enhance the widest part of your hips.  
  • Rectangular – From the shoulder down to the hips, the width may be the same, and there are not many curves. You may pair a bandeau top with a skimpy bottom in fun patterns to play up your body shape. 
  • Hourglass – There’s a defined waist, and the bust and waist are of the same width. Because of the natural curves, this body shape can get away with any swimwear style.  
  • Diamond – There’s a full midsection, while the hips are wider than the shoulder and the bust. For diamond-shaped figures, you may wear one-piece backless swimwear to accentuate the waist from the back or play around with one piece with elaborate details like ruffles or bows. 
  • Rounded – There’s no defined waist here, while the upper and lower body is on the heavy side. For this, there’s no better way to embrace your voluptuous figure and be playful with plunging necklines and pieces with fun and busy prints.  


2.Choose A Statement Piece 

A statement piece could be a literal statement or swimwear with a wow factor. Lately, one-piece white bridal swimwear with prints is getting popular on social media. Prints like ‘bride,’ ‘just married,’ or ‘in my honeymoon’ look too cute not to flaunt.  

It would be something you could proudly wear on your honeymoon and that your husband would also appreciate. Having this statement swimwear would tell the world you’re taken, so other guys would be careful to flirt or come near you.  

You may also choose a statement piece swimwear that would make heads turn and elicit wow reactions. One-piece cutout swimsuits that reveal little details of your body through tiny cutouts in flattering areas have become a trend these days. Besides, you may want to try a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline in bold colors.  

One-piece swimsuit with exciting details is also making waves in the fashion scene and has been gracing magazine pages. The two-toned one-piece swimsuit with ruffles on the shoulder, the color block one-piece swimsuit with middle ruching, and the two-toned one-piece that looks like a two-piece because of the center cutout are all talked about topics at the beginning of the summer season. 


Your honeymoon should commemorate your union with the love of your life. It should reflect your happiness in the clothes you wear. More than anything, you should be comfortable in your skin and have the best time. Wear a swimsuit that will make you radiate like a happy bride and snap beautiful photos because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.  

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