Heavy Bridal Payal Designs in 2022

Payals have long been associated with beauty and elegance for women. In ancient times, the sound from a payal was understood to symbolise the goddess’s footsteps. It is widely believed that wearing a payal shows the family’s respect and devotion toward their god-like daughter. As a token of appreciation girls are adorned with jewels from head to toe during their wedding. From necklaces, bangles and waistbands to, jewellery was always a big part of the wedding. And the tinkling anklets or heavy bridal payal designs are a part of that. 

But a payal does not just have aesthetic purposes. It is also believed that wearing this foot jewellery has some scientific benefits for the wearer. The Vastu explains that silver payals remove negative energy and boost the immune system. They are also heard of as pain relievers with anti-bacterial properties. But with many other such benefits that a lot of people may or may not believe, payals hold a primary beautification purpose today. We believe that a bridal look is incomplete without a beautiful heavy bridal payal. So, in this article, we have some heavy bridal payal designs in 2022 for your bridal outfit. 

Heavy Bridal Payal Design Ideas

Heavy Silver Payal With Toe Rings

This is one for the brides who love the extravagant look of heavy jewellery and do not want to let their feet get left out. Bridal payals in their own sense are quite heavy and thick. Add to them luxurious toe rings connected with chains, you have got yourself the heaviest bridal payal ever! A heavy bridal payal design like this has a thick band that goes around the ankle. To that, there are silver chains connecting them to equally substantial bridal toe rings. This is a great choice of bridal payal if you have a full traditional outfit and makeup. Make sure you match this with a heavy bridal lehenga and jewellery so that your foot accessory does not take too much attention. 


These three-dimensional heavy bridal payal designs take inspiration from historical art and mythology. They depict some wedding-related scenes from epics like Mahabharatha and Ramayana in the most incredible detail. The best part of such a design is that the artists making these do not shy away from adding a multi-dimensional feel to it. These payals have depth and height to make the kaarigari clear and consistent. We believe that this is luxury unparalleled. Such a heavy bridal payal design is also ideal for super traditional weddings and outfits where extravagance is the norm. You can find many interpretations of this design where different things are being depicted. If you want, you can also have such a design illustrate your love story with your husband-to-be. A fine nod to your history in the grandest way possible.


This is a more modern take on the glorious payal. It has a relatively thin embellished band that goes around the ankle. That band is connected to one toe ring with a chain. The chain then has layers of pearls, stones or more embellished chains creating a tiered chandelier effect. The embellishments create a conical pattern that covers the top of the foot almost entirely. Even though this is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional payal, it is no less extravagant. Depending on the kinds of embellishments you add, it can be the epitome of grandeur. It has a simpler, more minimal look compared to some of the options we have here. But it is without a doubt a heavy bridal payal. This type of bridal payal will go best with more model lehengas in pastel shades. These payals are also perfect for day weddings as they have a lighter look. 


Floral Heavy Bridal Payal Designs

Florals are a popular design choice for brides. Be it in the bridal red lehenga or the more modern pastel shades, they can be found in a plethora of embroideries on bridal outfits. So, it makes sense that florals are a popular choice for bridal jewellery as well, especially payals. For heavy bridal payals designs, florals have a variety of options. You can opt for more minimal design ideas or go all out with embellishments and three-dimensional art. The floral payals also come in a multitude of metal choices. You can find it in gold, white silver and oxidised silver as well. This design of bridal payal is also accompanied by the traditional ghungroos quite often. Additionally, they also come as a set with some floral toe rings. However, if you do not find such a pair, you can just add nature-inspired toe rings and finish the look. The air of bohemia in this heavy bridal payal design makes it the perfect choice for some not-so-traditional brides. 


Ghungroo Payal Design

Payal designs with ghungroos are the most traditional ones round. But they are also a design that can be paired with any type of bridal outfit. So if you are unsure about the vibe you want to go for, opt for the authentic ghungroo payals. Now, you might be wondering, which type of ghungroo payal to for? There are only about a million variations of it. Well, we suggest going for a thick silver anklet. The anklet can have any design on it ranging from geometric shapes to embellishments and nature-inspired motifs. The key here is to have as many ghungroos as possible attached to the anklet to give it the feel you are going for. This will not only make the payal heavier and more bride appropriate but will also make the most glorious sound imaginable. Talk about all the attention on the bride! No one will be able to take their eyes off you with this heavy bridal payal. 


And that’s it! We hope that this article helped you get some inspiration for heavy bridal payal designs to match your bridal outfit. For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

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