Why Should You Rent Marquee Letters, Not Buy?

People frequently picture smoke machines, lights, or photo booths when they think of the equipment hired for events. But nowadays, light-up letters are the foundation of a beautiful party décor that looks stunning in the majority of event settings. They are highly adaptable and simple but gorgeous. You can easily rent marquee letters and lights from a dealer according to your event theme.

Although light-up letters look fantastic practically anyplace, there are a few occasions where these lovely lit letters fit well.

You may hire letters to spell “Mr & Mrs,” “Mrs & Mrs,” or “Mr & Mr,” as well as your and your spouse’s initials. They offer a special touch to wedding pictures and have a lovely appearance.

  • Wedding Receptions

Rent light-up letters to create the word “love” during your engagement party if you really want to add more romanticism to the occasion. It will result in some stunning photographs.

  • Milestone Birthday

There is no better way to proclaim your birthday than with big light-up letters if you’re celebrating your 16th, your 18th, your 21st, or the beginning of a new decade.

  • Corporate Gatherings

For conferences, award ceremonies, and other occasions, light-up letters are excellent. With the name of your company displayed behind you in enormous, blazing letters, you can receive some fantastic social media postings!

Top Reasons To Opt For Renting Over Buying

Renting is cheaper

It could make sense to hire if your wedding budget is low and you can’t afford the more expensive expenses upfront. When you rent something, the cost of renting will obviously be low. Moreover, when you rent any item, it will be ready to use as per your requirements.

Better access to more letters and lights

You can buy a limited quantity of letters because it will be costly if you go for every letter. And when you rent marquee letters, you can choose letters based on your theme of different styles.

No need for costly storage

Since the height of marquee light-up letters can be 2 – 4 ft tall, so you need enough space to store them. When you don’t have enough space at your place, you have to rent a storage unit, which will cost you more than renting light-up letters.

No Maintenance Cost

As time passes, the bulbs will fuse and lose their luster, which will need replacement. You don’t need to worry about maintenance when you hire or rent light-up letters. You will get sparkling letters every time without delay when you hire them for an event.

Free Set-Up

Some vendors handle both the hiring of the products and the setup. Knowing that you have a pro on hand eases the burden of putting things up on your own. Additionally, a lot of musical instrument supply firms will wash the equipment for you, saving you a ton of work after the event!

Unique Artifacts

Certain products are just not accessible in stores. Only specialists in the field can provide dramatic photo booth backgrounds and light-up lettering; finding these letters to buy wouldn’t be cost-effective at all.


Your greatest option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend upfront is to rent your marquee lights. If you don’t want to be creative and want something professionally groomed and ready to go, we will also suggest hiring things.

Of course, the kind of object you’re looking for should also be taken into account when renting marquee letters and lights from a dealer.

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