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How to Tie the Perfect Bow? The Complete Guide

Creativity has played a significant role in arts and crafts. We have always ventured out to find out unique ways to complete a crafts activity and get that finishing touch to a homemade project or a professional requirement. Learning how to tie the perfect bow will help you style up your project and dive into other projects with confidence.

Irrespective of the skills you possess or the styling ideas you own under your belt, the ability to tie a bow is definitely one option to consider in the toolbox. There are several options available that you can use to tie a perfect bow that you can incorporate with your own creative idea to get that perfect bow.

What makes the best of the creative element is that you need only colorful ribbons, scissors, hot glue, florist wires, and zip ties.

Let us look at the different variants that you can incorporate for your styling requirements.

Method 1: The Basic Bow

Learning how to tie the perfect bow is crucial. The basic bow is a simple technique you can apply irrespective of the ribbon you use for a specific project. All you need is a ribbon with the left and the right end stemming from the knotted center.


  1. If you’re using it for a package, bring the loop of the ribbon under the container and tie the knot over the box so that the left and right stems are equal.
  2. Start making a loop with the left side of the ribbon. You can begin by pinching the loop between the thumb and forefinger to hold it in place.
  3. Create a second loop using the right out of the ribbon and bring it under the first loop. Now, pull the ribbon through the loop until you have the same length as the first. It is like the same technique as you tying your shoelaces.
  4. Pull out the loops to tighten the two strings at the center. Ensure that the two ends of the ribbon are at the same length.

Method 2: The Looped Bow

There are different reasons why you should learn how to tie the perfect bow. It could be for a personal or a professional project. In this method, you will learn how to tie a looped bow.

  1. Begin by selecting the preferred color of the ribbon. Next, ensure that it is at least 12 inches in length.
  2. Create a loop at the left end of the ribbon. You can start creating the loop 3 inches away from the end. Use your thumb and forefinger to hold it in place.
  3. Now, create a second loop by starting from the right end of the ribbon. When complete, the design will look like a backward S with tails at each end. Ensure to hold the mechanism in one hand, so they do not come out.
  4. Continue with the loop mechanism with the remaining length of the ribbon to create a pile of loops. When complete, ensure that the two ends of the ribbon on the left and right have the same length, sticking out.
  5. Now, pick up a florist wire or a thin string to tie the loops at the center, creating a division. You currently have a pile of loops to the left and right side of the cinch.
  6. Separate the loops in such a manner that the cinch is no longer visible. You can cut an inverted “v” shape at the ends of the ribbon to add a professional touch.

Method 3: The Floral Bow

The floral bow is an intriguing design and helps you choose it for different projects. Learning how to tie the perfect bow will allow you to opt for this bow as per the requirement.

  1. Begin by selecting the preferred color of the ribbon. Next, ensure that you have a reasonable length of it.
  2. Circle the ribbon around your hand to complete a wrap. Start by holding one end of the ribbon against your palm. Continue wrapping until the entire length is complete. Ensure to place each length of the loop neatly on the previous layer.
  3. Take out the wrap slowly without disturbance and fold them into half. Be careful while removing it from your hand and during folding. Check whether each layer is intact and upon each other in the correct order.
  4. Hold the folded loop such that the center of the ribbon is facing up. Next, use a scissor to cut the corner of either end of the cinch. While carrying out the act, ensure that the cut is even and none of the layers is slipping. Also, make sure that you’re not cutting corners too close to the center of the folded cinch.
  5. Use a small piece of ribbon of the same color to tie the center of the cinch. You can also use a small string or florist wire.
  6. Fan of the loops of the cinch one by one from inside out. Perform the action by pulling the loops slowly from the center and twisting them outwards. Make the arrangement such that the loops form a petal-like circular pattern. This completes the floral bow.

how to tie the perfect bow

Given that there are different varieties of bow patterns that you can learn, it takes a while to master them and use them for various purposes. You have learned how to tie the perfect bow for the commonly used preparations. However, you can expand the horizon and add more designs to your skill.

More patterns available for your requirement will make it easy for you to choose the appropriate one as a project demands. Speaking about the bow, ensure that you use a quality material that withholds the patterns and displays the effort you put into creating one.

The secret to how to tie the perfect bow depends on your commitment and how well you want the results!

Whatever the need case be, you can earn profits, recognition, and fame by opting for the best bow type as per the project. Whether it is a personal or professional, expect to see profitable short-term and long-term results with your passion and dedication!

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