5 Interesting Ways to Include CBD in Your Wedding

Cannabis is certainly having its moments currently. In recent years, cannabis has dominated the dinner and cocktail menus, with celebrities hosting cannabis-themed parties. The sale of CBD products has also ballooned into billions for its endless benefits. Like other trends, cannabis has carved out into the wedding industry. These days, several companies now provide wedding packages with cannabis curation. More vendors, venues, and couples are also open to the idea of incorporating this recreational substance into their big day. That said, below are creative ways of making your big day unique.

1. Calm wedding jitters

Planning your upcoming wedding is certainly exciting and joyful. However, it can prove extremely stressful and overwhelming. From deciding the best place for your wedding reception to brides’ and bridesmaids’ dresses, music, cake, flowers, and more, couples and other persons involved can’t avoid wedding jitters.

Fortunately, there’s enough proof that cannabis has effective calming effects. It naturally helps reduce stress levels and improves focus and energy. These effects have made cannabis a trending solution for soothing anxiety and wedding jitters. (Diazepam) For instance, Delta 9 THC from is a favorite product with mood-relieving benefits. These gummies significantly reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. 

2. Introduce cannabis into your skincare and makeup routine

As mentioned, preparing for your big day is nerve-wracking. Being an important day, you should feel confident about your decisions, from fragrance to makeup. Introduce some comfort and ease into your preparations with cannabis-infused products.

For instance, CBD gummies are an excellent choice for a hair care regimen. Infused gummies effectively soothe the scalp, reduce inflammation, and regulate scalp oil production. Several studies have shown that CBD promotes hair growth, while preventing stress-related hair loss and damage.

You can also incorporate cannabis into your skincare routine through cheek balms, lip balms, and cooling mists. Most makeup products clog skin pores and irritate the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. Makeup products with cannabis help alleviate acne and psoriasis and have a calming effect. 

3. Design your wedding cake with a special ingredient

Designing and baking the perfect cake for your wedding is a dilemma for most couples. There’s a lot to consider, right from the flavors, layers, and other aesthetics. While these are enough challenges, you should consider adding another special ingredient to take the edge off.

Cannabis-infused cakes offer plenty of benefits to the guests. This safe, secret cake ingredient promotes guest synergy, is a remedy to pain and aches, and helps guests destress. However, before concocting recipes for your wedding cake, ensure that you consult a pro. Most bakeries, offer CBD products specifically designed for wedding cakes.

Like most couples have ditched traditional wedding cakes for a full dessert menu, don’t fear including CBD in anything sweet. You can bake CBD-infused gummies, have them in your wedding dessert bar, or make them a welcome gift. However, if you include cannabis in your desserts, don’t forget to include signage that indicates the special ingredient. You should also provide cannabis-free options for those who aren’t interested. 

4. CBD-infused cocktails for your open bar

You can also level up your love for cannabis by introducing CBD-infused cocktails. CBD-infused cocktails and mocktails are increasingly becoming a thing. Wedding guests who don’t drink alcohol can enjoy mocktails. Fortunately, creating these drinks is a breeze. The magical menu only requires properly constituted CBD oil and syrup. Like other cannabis-infused products, you should hire a knowledgeable bartender who can create delicious alternatives. 

5. Decorate your venue with style

There are other ways of including cannabis in your wedding besides food-related items and using it as a stress reliever. Since cannabis became a legal substance in most states, couples have embraced the use of cannabis-themed décor styles in their wedding. There are endless ways of decorating your wedding venue with cannabis, including dry marijuana flowers and leaves in bridal bouquets, using buds in table arrangements, and more.

However, before introducing a cannabis-themed wedding décor, verify your local laws and prioritize your guests’ safety. You should also discuss extensively with your wedding florist and planner to ensure this option is safe and feasible. 


With marijuana use increasingly becoming legal, wedding organizers have not been left behind. Wedding planners are becoming “cannabis-friendly” and making it known to clients that they can incorporate marijuana into their wedding food, drinks, and décor. While very few people are accustomed to cannabis use, there are endless innovative ways of adding cannabis to nuptials. However, the key to pulling this through successfully is consulting professionals.

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