Vacation Cabin Instead of A Hotel

Why You Should Book A Vacation Cabin Instead of A Hotel

As a frequent traveler, you have to keep track of different things. From packing things to planning a budget, you have to consider different factors to make your journey comfortable. 

Out of all things, accommodation is the most important while you are planning a trip somewhere. Hotel rooms are one of the most common options that travelers prefer during their journey. 

You can consider hotels with different ratings as per your needs and budget. But cabin rentals can provide you with a better option in many ways. It can be more cost-friendly for you that can help you manage your budget more efficiently throughout the trip. 

If you are a nature lover, then renting a cabin can be the perfect option for you. Staying in the middle of beautiful landscapes can provide you with a fun-filled experience that can make a valuable addition to your memories. 

Without any delay, let’s discover why you should book a vacation cabin instead of a hotel. 

  • More Amenities

One of the biggest benefits of booking a vacation cabin is that it provides you with more amenities than hotels. Most of the cabin rentals offer books, wifi, computers, indoor games, and different outdoor activities. 

Although, the amenities can vary according to the location. So, before booking the cabin, do complete research about it. 

For example, if you are planning a trip to Smoky Mountain in Tennessee, then contact the cabin rental service providers there. Smoky Mountain is known for its breathtaking views as it has a beautiful landscape. Therefore, the price of a Smoky Mountain cabin can be high, especially if you are going in the peak season. But you will surely get state-of-the-art facilities that will make your stay there worth remembering. 

Similarly, you must do research beforehand about the cabin where you intend to stay to know what amenities they offer. Some of the cabin rentals also offer additional amenities like access to a local country club. It is something that you can not expect in hotel rooms. 

  • Cost-Friendly Option

Managing the budget can be a headache at times for travelers. From booking the ticket to visiting your favorite destinations, you need to have a sufficient budget to do different things. 

Booking the cabin can be a pocket-friendly option than hotels. Some cabin rentals may also charge cleaning fees separately, so you must inquire about the pricing structure of cabin rentals. Prices can also vary according to the amenities they offer. But one thing is for sure; you will find most vacation rentals as a more affordable option. The location of the cabin matters a lot as it can affect the price, so keep it in mind as well.

  • Better Privacy and Extra Space

Another convincing reason for choosing cabin rentals over hotels is that it ensures privacy and provides you with extra space. 

The average size of a hotel room is around 330 square feet, and you will even find rooms that are lesser than this size. If you want a room with a bigger size, then you have to book a suite or deluxe style rooms in hotels. It can be very costly for you that can exceed your budget. 

In such a situation, going for the cabin can be the right option as it offers spacious rooms where you can live comfortably with your family. 

On the other hand, you can also have more privacy in the cabins. You will not experience any noise or disruption while staying in the cabin. Nobody will knock on your door again and again for room service like in hotels. 

While staying in the hotels, guests also face disturbance due to wake-up calls for suggestions that can be really annoying. So, to have peace of mind, cabin rentals can be the right option. 

  • Appealing Surroundings

As already mentioned above that, staying in the middle of beautiful natural views can positively impact your journey. Cabins are mostly located in the center of appealing landscapes. Imagine yourself waking up every morning and seeing the views of mesmerizing mountain ranges. 

If you are staying in the middle of a populated area in the hotel, then it may not provide you with a peaceful atmosphere. You will only get to see commercial or residential buildings from your hotel room’s window, so you surely do not want to experience such boring views.

By booking a cabin, you can also get to see majestic views at night. The mountains and stars in the night sky are a sight to behold. Furthermore, you get the chance to enjoy the fresh and natural breeze and experience the melodious chirping of birds. This natural environment can also significantly impact your mental health, which will make your trip more peaceful and exciting. 

  • Pet-friendly Cabins 

Leaving a pet can be really painful when you are going on a trip with your family. Booking a pet-friendly cabin can also solve this problem. 

You will rarely find hotels that allow pets, so in such situations, you can look for a pet-friendly cabin. It will ensure a stress-free journey for you as you do not have to worry about your furry friend again and again. 

Finding pet-friendly hotels can consume your time, effort, and money. In contrast, cabins provide extra space for your pet. You can easily roam around with your cat or dog to get fresh air. By keeping pets in the cabin, you can also keep them secure. 

Natural places also positively impact the overall health of pets as they get the chance to view the great wildlife around them. It is better to consult cabin rentals to know what amenities they offer for pets. 


Staying in a cabin during your vacation can provide you with an everlasting experience. It can provide you with different benefits by ensuring better affordability, privacy, amenities, extra space, and many more. It is better to do complete research about the cabin where you intend to stay. The prices of the cabin can vary according to the location and facilities that they offer, so consider it while looking for cabin rental services. This article will surely help you understand why you should go for a vacation cabin instead of a hotel. 

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