Everything You Should Know of James Franco Wife in the Future

James Franco has remained a favorite celebrity among many people located in the United States of America. The popularity of the handsome and eccentric TV and movie star has inspired many of his fans to know about his personal life deeply. Hence, we have dedicated the blog post to studying everything related to the personal life of James Franco, including the story behind James Franco wife or his latest girlfriend.

James Franco’s Love Life with Isabel Pakzad

James Franco was living a leisurely and loving life with the actor Isabel Pakzad. The duo is seeing a good future together for a long time. However, if we talk about James Franco’s marriage or James Franco wife, we can say that no one is in a rush to marry each other.

James has Strong Relations with Pakzad

Sources related to James Franco wife revealed that the relationship between the star and his actor girlfriend Pakzad is regularly becoming strong. They started dating each other in 2017 and kept their relationship out of the spotlight. However, none of them mentioned anything about their relationship.

News Media Spotted the Couple on their Vacation

Another recent news media related to James Franco wife or his girlfriend spotted the couple basking under the bright sunlight while they went on vacation in Mykonos. Here, James appeared as jacked while dipping in the deep ocean. On the other hand, Isabel Pakzad had a stunning look in her swimming outfit.

Couple’s Hiking in South California

Both James Franco and Isabel Pakzad love to mountain hike together. Hence, the paparazzi captured pictures of the couple hiking in the mountain regions of South California. The duo seems to be more romantic in their lockdown.

James Said that Isabel is more Special than His Past Girlfriends

James has always maintained his reputation as a playboy. However, he puts relatively more effort into his existing love relationship with Isabel. He admitted in an interview in 2020 that Isabel Pakzad is more special to him than his other past girlfriends. Even though the media failed to confirm whether Isabel will be James Franco wife in the coming months or not, it is sure that the couple had plans to get engaged shortly. Both Franco’s and Isabel’s friends have referred to them as a new couple to be in the honeymoon phase. According to James Franco’s friend, “Both Isabel and Franco are love birds and are acting as a new couple.”

Brief About James Franco

James Franco is an actor, college instructor, and filmmaker in America. He started his career as a TV actor and guest star in 1997 with the show Pacific Blue. James also landed a breakthrough role in a comedian drama cum TV series Freaks and Geeks for one year from 1999 to 2000. (cialis)  He also won many prestigious awards whether it is about winning the Best Actor in Golden Globe Award or any other Film Award. The tally shows that James has obtained 112 nominations and 33 awards until now.

Brief About Isabel Pakzad

Isabel Pakzad was born and brought up in New York. She is a leading female actor cum director known popularly for her movies from 2017 to 2022. These are Don’t Worry and The Deduce in 2017, Birds of Prey in 2020, and It’s Gone be OK in 2022.


James and Isabel did not highlight anything related to their relationship until July 2018. Instead, the duo continued to stay on each other since. However, many people assume that Isabel will be the future James Franco wife. The assumptions were due to their togetherness for more than five years until now. In contrast, none of the stars or actors said anything about their marriage relationship in front of the media. Therefore, James Franco’s fans should keep their fingers crossed to ensure James’ serious and long-lasting relationship with her present girlfriend Isabel.


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