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How To Cure Sinus Naturally And Get Rid Of Its Discomforting Effects

Nasal congestion, stuffy and runny nose, body cramps, high body temperature, loss of appetite, and smell are very common conditions faced by people across the world due to sinusitis. The symptoms have a slightly higher chance of showing in colder weather conditions. Some people are also more prone to getting sinus infections and look for ways to how to cure sinus naturally.

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Sinus infection or sinusitis is not life-threatening in most cases but its symptoms cause a great deal of discomfort and uneasiness. It is not advisable to take over-the-counter medicines without a doctor’s prescription. But the good news is that its effects can be eased with the help of home remedies and proper self-care. Let us have a look at some home remedies to ease the effects of sinus infection.

6 Home Remedies On How To Cure Sinus Naturally

Sinus infections are caused by viruses that cause inflammation of the lining tissues of sinuses that are present within the bones between the eyes, forehead, and below cheekbones. Some of the common problems associated with sinus infection are- nasal stuffiness, heavy nasal discharge, swelling around the eyes, nose, or whole face, difficulty in breathing, etc.

To ease the effects of inflamed sinuses, home remedies, and methods have been practiced since olden times and are effective in treating sinus infections to a great extent. Read on further to find out how to cure sinus naturally.

1] Take Steam To Relieve Nasal Congestion

Taking steam not only sucks up the gunk from your face by opening your facial pores but also can help greatly to relieve congestion from your nose. It loosens the mucus and drains them to ease lung blockage and a sore throat.

The process of inhaling the water vapor comforts the inflamed and swollen blood vessels and tissues lining the nasal passages and makes you feel better. You can either take a vaporizer or a bowl of hot water to steam. Adding essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus gives you a calming a soothing effect on inhaling. However, stay careful while steaming, and do not hurt yourself in the process.

2] Have A Warm Broth

Having a warm broth like a thick chicken or tomato soup is an age-old practice to get relief from cough, cold, and other symptoms of sinus infection. The warm soup helps keep you hydrated and also stimulates your immunity system.

The sodium along with other herbs present in the soup lessens the sinus pressure and clears nasal congestion. You can even spice up your bowl of soup as it is also an effective way to clear up the blockage. Make sure to add a lot of vegetables and good herbs to make it a nutrient-dense and wholesome meal.

3] Have Turmeric Tea/Ginger Tea With Honey

Ginger and turmeric are well-known antibiotics that are excellent sources of protective compounds. They can bring down inflammation, reduce nausea, and relieve chronic pain as well. You can consume turmeric and ginger in your broths, gravies, or other food items that you prepare.

But the best way to have ginger and turmeric to extract the benefits in its full potential is to have them in your tea. Add ginger and turmeric in hot boiling water so that its juice and goodness diffuse in the water. To give it a sweet taste add a spoonful of honey which is a great cough suppressant and is packed with anti-bacterial properties.

4] Gargle With Saline Water

Sore throat is a discomforting condition while suffering from sinusitis. It also causes loss of appetite and irritation while consuming certain foods. To ease the discomfort, you can gargle a few times a day to neutralize the bacteria causing an inflamed throat.

Add a few drops of salt to slightly warm water to create a concentrated saline solution. Gargle with it four to five times a day to see improvement. Sodium chloride or salt as we normally say balances the pH level of the mouth and throat by keeping it bacteria-free. You can use Himalayan salt for the saline solution as it has more amount of healing properties present in it.

5] Apply Warm And Cold Compression On Face And Forehead

You must have been suggested quite a few times about applying warm compression when looking for how to cure sinus naturally. Dip the compress in a bowl of cold water and put it on the forehead to lower body temperature. You can alternatively put a hot compression to ease out the swelling from your face.

Compressions will help loosen your built-up mucus and will unclog your nose. Warm compression can also help you to relax and work wonders for headaches. Do not forget to wring out the excess water from the cloth after dipping it in water as it can increase the sinus problem. You can follow the method of warm compression as per your comfort and requirements.

6] Do Nasal Irrigation/ Nasal Rinse

In nasal irrigation or nasal rinse as the name suggests one has to rinse the mucus from their nasal by inserting the syringe or the tip of a squeeze bottle, made for this purpose. It flushes out all the debris, mucus, and pathogens from the nose and is very effective in clearing the nasal blockage.

Use a saline solution to clean the membranes of your nostrils, and use it only once or twice a day. Be careful not to hurt your nostril in the process and use equipment that is specifically made for this purpose.


Even though sinus infection is a very common problem, its effects cannot be ignored. One must indulge in appropriate care and dietary changes when suffering from this condition. Avoid consuming dairy products as they can increase respiratory mucus. Keep yourself hydrated and follow home remedies to treat mild sinuses. We hope our compiled list on how to cure sinus naturally helps you in easing and reliving from its effects.

Suffering from a runny nose and high fever due to a sinus infection? Check these home remedies on how to cure sinus naturally and get relief from its symptoms.


1. Is sinus fatal?

No sinus is not fatal in most cases and go away on it own. To ease the effects of sinus, you must take proper care of yourself and avoid over the counter medicines.

2. Do mucus drain away in sinus at night on its own?

Yes mucus drains at night from the nose due to gravity but does not drain completely. You must use a nasal irrigation equipment to get rid of it properly.

3. What are the symptoms of sinus infection?

Symptoms like runny nose, headache, swollen eyes and face, difficulty in breathing, etc. are some of the most common symptoms faced during sinus inflammation.

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