marriage anniversary gift guide for parents

A gift guide to your parent’s 25th marriage anniversary

Marriage is a wonderful union of two beautiful people who know how to forget the harsh words and concentrate on the sweeter tones. In a time when break ups have become a normal trend among couple, your parent’s 25 year of marriage seems like a milestone that still inspires you to have faith in love – right? So, on the upcoming silver jubilee celebration of your mom and dad’s union, you can consider the following 25th anniversary gift options.

Personalized photo album: A personalized gift is always an endearing one. Collect all the old and new photographs of your mom and dad from childhood till today and make a photo book that should narrate their story in a chronological order. This is going to be the most interesting 25th anniversary gift idea for parents.

Recreate the day of marriage: This is the most innovative way of celebrating the marriage anniversary. When they got married, of course you didn’t witness it and thus it would be a real fun to get them married again. Book the same venue, same dress code, and the same food menu which was followed that day. Your parents would be more than just happy in taking the wedding vows again.

marriage anniversary gift guide

Ask them elope and get married: By now you know very well, if they had an arranged marriage or a love marriage. In both the cases, this idea to celebrate the marriage anniversary would be an innovative one. They would be surprised for sure when you narrate the idea to them but this is going to be so much fun! Make required arrangements for that eloping and when they come back as a newly-wed couple, greet them with great food, music, and gifts!

Book a world tour for them: This one is another terrific idea to celebrate your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. They have spent their whole life in making you, building your career, and shaping your personality. Now after spending 25 years with each other, they seriously need to rest a bit. Book a world tour for them and let them enjoy life with new spirit touring the unknown lands.

Send them to meditation class together: Meditation is a beautiful way to train the mind and stay fit. It relaxes and rejuvenates the soul. So, find out the most reliable yoga and meditation center in your area and enroll them to a course there so that they can learn life in a new way on their anniversary. It would give a new direction to life for sure and all the general health problems would also be lessened.

Send them to a movie and dinner date: Late night movie and dinner is always a favorite way of celebrating anniversary for couples. Book a table for two in the most expensive restaurant of town followed by a gold class movie ticket. This anniversary gift idea for couple would be a relaxing one. So, go for it now.

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