Clean Your Tile Floors with vacuum

How To Clean Your Tile Floors Effectively With A Vacuum

Cleaning the tiles could be tedious because it covers a lot more area, and it needs extra perseverance to clean it properly that is free from grease and grime. Cleaning your tiles is not an easy and fast work because you cannot rush it if you want to do it right. There will be dirt lurking if you are haphazard in cleaning it.

There is equipment ready for you to purchase, and one of them is a vacuum cleaner. But with this, you should choose a vacuum for tile floors because not every vacuum cleaner will be suited with its purpose. You don’t want to waste money keeping your house clean, right? And to mention that, stairs can be of tile floors too. So if you are one of them who have tile floored stair in their house, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for stairs too.

In efficiently cleaning your tile floors, you should not only rely on the vacuum cleaner to do all the work. You have to do many procedures, so that vacuuming will work well.

  1. Remove The Unnecessary Things

When you want to clean it thoroughly, you should actively remove all the blockages there are especially the garbage bins and mats that cover the floor. Take them outside or lay them somewhere else, so that they won’t become nuisance in your surroundings.

  1. Sweep First And Then Vacuum

Same old, same old. The same good old broom should be used before you go for a vacuum because it could get into narrow corners and sweep the dusts and many substances away. You should sweep the floor until there are no more particles left then it’s time to pick your vacuum and then place it on the bare-floor setting. You could vacuum the piles now and then run it through the floors. Sweeping and vacuuming is a great combination when it comes to cleaning the floors.

  1. Mix Your Detergents

In scrubbing your floors, you should also use some detergents in order to kill more bacteria lurking in its surfaces and crannies. Your detergent will also be determined on what type of tile do you have. When you have a ceramic tile, you could use a detergent manufactured. When you use rough products then you might scratch the tile. If you use products with ammonia then it might discolour it. You should use a soap-based detergent when you are cleaning a natural stone tile.  Keep a cloth ready to erase a stubborn stain. (Ambien)

  1. Then Mop It

After all the soaps, suds, and the vacuuming then it’s time to mop it all over to remove the bubbles and everything. It is highly recommended to start mopping at the end of the room then you slowly mop backwards. You should make sure that you are following one stroke to avoid spilling useless water and then let the floor dry after. Please be careful not to slip.

  1. Keep All Your Cleaning Paraphernalia At The Right Place

When you don’t want dusts gathering at your doorstep, place a mat or a rug at the entrance, so that the people entering would dust their shoes before entering. With this technique, you will avoid dusts gathering at your doorway again and again. You will be able to protect your tiles too. But make sure that you are able to vacuum the rags and mats too. If you hiring a carpet cleaning company might help you better achieve this, then by all means do what is necessary and get the proper help to get the job done for you!

You should not only clean the furniture but also the tiles. It is not enough to dust everything else when your tiles are not even properly polished. Remember, people also notice the floor on their feet. This will make your floor attractive if there’s proper cleaning. Even for just once a month, cleaning the tiles will make your home neater and will look different in many ways to your family and will astonish your guests too.