5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid pink bouquets

5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

So you got engaged and you wanted to be hands-on in planning for your big day. Having a checklist is essential. A To Do list must be handy all the time from the early planning stages to the date of your wedding. You should remember your friends, family and most importantly the person you are about to marry. Your wedding day is a huge event but the marriage after that really matters so ensure your relationship is taken care of. Here are 5 common wedding planning mistakes you must avoid:

Unclear contract

The contract between the suppliers and the wedding client should be very well stipulated, such as internal arrangements between the individual suppliers, non-refund of payments, etc. Contracts must be well-reviewed by both contractor and client before signing up. You wouldn’t want to end up regretting what you signed up for after your big occasion.

Communication Barriers

Most of the suppliers tend to be unreachable when the event date is getting near. It is essential that wedding planners grab a hold of them at least a month before the wedding to ensure smooth flow of planning process. Do not forget to make a master list of all suppliers that you booked, review their contract as well as their contact numbers. All these service providers must not be late on the day of the wedding so assign someone to call them.

5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Assuming You Can Do Everything

Try to delegate. You wouldn’t want to be appearing stressed with pimples and dark eye circles on your wedding day. If you can’t afford a wedding planner, ask your close friends and relatives to take charge. You can delegate different tasks to these individuals from the planning stage up to your big day. (www.dynamicslr.com) You will feel more relaxed knowing there are people who will assist you.

Forgetting Guests on List

Remember that your event is most awaited by your relatives and friends so never miss someone in your guest list. Plan ahead; assign people available to be part of your entourage. Their attendance must be verified at least one month before your wedding day so that there won’t be any changes in the list. Do not forget that some relatives might bring along the whole family so be aware of that as well. The R.S.V.P. must be strictly followed.

Be Aware Of Your Budget

Unexpected costs must be included in your contingency fund, so allot at least 15% of your budget for that. You should carefully list down all the wedding needs and the prices for each item. Give some allowance for each price so that what you demand from the suppliers would be provided.  Do not forget the adjustments on each amount in case you wanted more from the supplier. (Diazepam) Remember you also need to save some for tips in case you are happy with the service of the caterers or the wedding singers. Having a contingency fund will avoid having an over-budget on your wedding expenses.


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