Which Variety of Fur is Worth Buying

Which Variety of Fur is Worth Buying?

Even decades back, there was few things that were considered as exclusive and glamorous as fur coats. In those days, garments made of fur, especially those designed with mink fur, outshone all others as coveted symbols of elegance, status and opulence. In most cases, it was rare to find a fashion-conscious woman’s wardrobe that did not flaunt a sophisticated fur coat. Given their popularity, it is no small wonder that fur coats have managed to notch the highest rank on the list of fashionable garments worldwide.

In contemporary times, fur has staged a stoic comeback after a few decades of lesser popularity as a result of environmentalists concerns towards the rights of animals, poaching of furry animals for the purposes of trade, etc. This is especially true in terms of high-end users, celebrities and the more affluent women who have succeeded in nurturing the demand of fur designs and their sales worldwide. Today, fur retailers in European and American destinations are catering to the ever-increasing demands of fur accessories. Given below are some top-rated fur variants that are being purchased for their intrinsic worth and style quotient alike.

The range of fur on sale is indeed large, with each variant having its own set of attributes and properties. Those with thick under-hairs such as mink, beaver and chinchilla fur, as well as long-haired furs such as the one attained from a fox, are held in high esteem for their warmth and comfort factors combined. On the other hand, the fur coats made from the fur acquired from beavers, possums and raccoons are known for their durability and affordability.

The commonly found furs, such as the ones attributed to hares and rabbits, are known to fall into the lesser price range category of fur garments sold by retailers across the world. The furs that are considered most luxuriant and desirable are restricted to mink, chinchilla and sable among others.

Mink: When a woman with means and a high style quotient decides to purchase her first fur coat, more often than not, it happens to be mink. Because of their light-weightiness and elegant looks, mink coats are considered to be the highest selling of them all. (where can i buy ambien sleeping pills) Mink coats boast of decadently soft texture, incredibly long-life span and a unique sheen. The coats designed from female mink skin are considered to be more appealing and desirable by fashionistas as they are lighter, softer and smaller than the ones designed from their male counterparts. Vastly recognizable in chocolaty, rich shades of dark brown, this kind of fur is available in a wide price range – from well over $50,000 to as low as $1000 – just take your pick.

On the other hand, sable fur coats and chinchilla fur coats are equally coveted and desired by discerning wearers who prefer to opt for nothing but the best. Overall, fur coats ooze elegance and sophistication in the best manner possible and are ranked according to their levels of retailers, geographical locations, designer labels, pelt quality and seasons; choose accordingly.

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