Few popular ways of decorating wedding car

Few popular ways of decorating wedding car

The wedding is incomplete without wedding car. The wedding car requires special attention on the wedding day. There are many ideas which you can apply on decorating the car on your wedding day. Many things can be applied to decorating the car. It should be versatile and matched with the theme of the wedding of course. The wedding venue and the dress code of the wedding play vital role in decorating a car.

The wedding is the day when everything needs to be very special. When the groom enters the wedding venue, he should leave the special mark on the people’s mind. With a well-decorated wedding car, one can easily make a good impression on the mind of the people. There are many options for the car which you can take to the wedding venue. The car you are selecting for decorating to take on the wedding venue should be different and unique. You can’t pick any Noah or Toyota car for the wedding. The car should have elegance. You can choose any car from the vintage collection. It will give your wedding a new and different look.

You should be careful while decorating your wedding car with the different motif. The decoration should not be too vulgar and too bright. But it should be classy and elegant. The car décor should not block the sight of the driver. While decorating the car, one should not block the road. Now, the most important part of the discussion is which things can be used to decorate the car. You can use many things to decorate your car. Few of the ways to decorate your car are discussed below-

Floral decoration

Floral decoration is the best decoration for any event and decoration. You can use the flower to decorate your wedding car to give freshness to the wedding party. You can choose the seasonal flowers to decorate your car. You can choose the seasonal flowers for decorating your car. You have to make sure that you are using fresh flowers for your car while decorating.

Vintage style

Like I said before, vintage theme adds new grace to the wedding party. You can pick any theme from the vintage wedding and use it on your wedding car. You have to pick the vintage car for your wedding party. Make sure that the car is working well and doesn’t make weird sound while running on the road. With flowers and paper cut, you can easily decorate your wedding car.

Romantic decoration

You can decorate your car with romantic decoration. The red car can be suitable for romantic décor. You can also add balloons, ribbons, etc. on your car. Love shape balloons can add extra charm to your wedding car. However, you also need to concentrate on the wedding note written behind the car. The note can be written with the quote of just married. You can write the notes with the glittery word or simple printing.

Garland decorated car

One of the most common decorations of wedding car is made with the garland. You can decorate your car with the floral or paper made garland. The garland can cover the whole car and give it a unique look. Choosing the unique type of colors are mandatory to decorate the wedding car. You can choose the contrast color of flowers with the car.

So these are some ways to decorate the wedding car. You can pick any idea from above innovate a brand new idea of decorating your wedding car.

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