Expert Advice on Eyelash Extensions

Expert Advice on Eyelash Extensions Infographic

Do you know Eyelash Extension is becoming a popular trend during this year?

No? Well, let me take you into the world of Eyelash extension to stay updated with this demand.

In today's era, particularly in the age of camera phones and social media people are more ‘selfie’ addicted - getting good pictures clicked and posting on social media is what they are fascinated about. Bolstering the focus on looks and appearance has increased among people - especially girls!

Whenever you plan to get ready for a special occasion; you put on mascara as a part of the makeup. But what if you have the best solution to enhance your natural looking eyelashes to full length, curliness, and thickness with eyelash extension?

Yes, know more about eyelash extension. It is the long-lasting and powerful alternative to mascara.  Some of you might not be aware of the advantages of getting eyelash extension while some might not know aftercare tips on eyelash extension. So, I am here to present you about eyelash extension in detail through this infographic.

Generally, eyelash extension is about adding a single strand of false lashes on the existing lashes with glue that lasts longer about 6-8 weeks if done properly. It makes you feel like your natural lashes with added volume and length.

We have collated all the information about eyelash extension from displaying what is eyelash extension, Types of lashes available say silk, mink or synthetic with visual images to give you clear vision of how they look, various lashes available in different size from 6 mm to 17 mm to decide what length you need to flaunt your eyes, time and cost a professional beauty salon takes to do eyelash extension with general care tips after you get your eyelash extension service.


Hope the above infographic could help you choose the best option depending on your skin type and matching your face.

Expert Advice on Eyelash Extensions