The wedding planner chronicles – how to have the Zen wedding of your dreams

The wedding planner chronicles – how to have the Zen wedding of your dreams

Your wedding day can be a Zen day! Do you want to have a Zen wedding, from concept to implementation, without stress and flaw? Then you should turn to the services, expertise and experience of a wedding planner, such as . It will get rid of the “burden” of stress, telephones, negotiations and coordination; all the tasks, from contracting suppliers, to the smallest details you can leave to this expert. Basically, a wedding planner at your wedding is the guarantee of a perfect event, as you have always dreamed of, your wedding day being truly a Zen day!

Ideas implementation

Starting from your personality, desires, dreams and ideals, an inspired event planner comes up with ideas you implement and, together with you, builds memorable events and new memories for a lifetime! Experience, passion, emotion and joy translate into your story, shaped in moments that cut your breath!

Thus, in organizing your wedding, it will help you save time, get expert advice, you will get solutions to solve any unexpected situation, you will be permanently informed about your wedding status and you will have of impeccable coordination in the long-awaited day!

What else to add? Obviously, you will be happy to enjoy your moment, you will remain with your smile on your lips and the remembrance of a remarkable event, only good to tell grandchildren!

Details that make the difference

The wedding takes place in many steps, involving suppliers, time-honored tasks, scenarios and important details that make the difference, but also on the wedding day, the bride and groom live special moments, feel unique emotions and are surrounded by dearest people, with whom I share the joy of this story day.

With passion and love for impeccable organization, involvement and presence of spirit, it combines in a professional manner consultancy for choosing the most appropriate suppliers with the thorough organization of all the details that make the wedding day sit in the heart of the bride and guests joy. Together you will go through the stages of the wedding, sparking full of personality and originality, so that the wedding will be your fingerprint through the themes, ambiance, emotions and fun.

Promptness and attention to detail

Organizing an event implies promptness and attention to detail, an attitude that features a wedding planner. Your event will be customized to the smallest details, and you will be relieved of all organizational worries. So, if you’re going to get married and want a stress-free wedding, trust the wedding planner. Whether you’re inspired by fairy tales, wanting a thematic or elegant wedding, the wedding planner is ready to put your idea into practice. You will participate in the most beautiful party in your life, and your guests will remember with great pleasure this day! Read all about it here.

A note of originality consistent with your personality and your desires

You can give life to special moments in your life, including always new elements. Always brings a touch of originality to perfectly evoke the personality and wishes and plan your event up to the last detail, with style and elegance.

The professionalism and enthusiasm of a devoted team gave rise to a complete business that offers services from A to Z throughout the organization of an event. How does that happen? Make a plan together, which includes all your ideas, and that is how the dream event is shaped.

In the las 1-2 weeks before the wedding, you should submit the papers to the mayoralty for the civil marriage exactly 10 days before the date set. Then, buy drinks and scents for the ceremony and call up the guests for final confirmation. Confirm the final guest number at the location and fill in the place cards. Order the cake according to the final number of guests and order bouquets, candles, floral arrangements, natural cockades. Set up the latest details with wedding vendors and confirm the reservation.

An important aspect is to try out the shoes you wear at the wedding. A pair of new shoes and a slippery dance ring is the nightmare of any bride. Make sure you repeat the choreography with shoes that you wear on the wedding day. ( This way you will get used to moving with them. This advice also applies to men because they can also have problems.

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