You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say "I Do”

You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say “I Do”

Aside from birthdays and holidays, the wedding day is one of the most awaited events of your life. Because that day is some kind of a big twist and turn of your life – everything will change and will be more exciting. And, that’s why you really need to exert a lot of effort if you want your wedding day to be the best day of your existence.

Well, it’s not easy but it’s possible and lots of fun. If you’re having a hard time puzzling things out, then here are some tips prepared for aspiring and future newlyweds. So, continue reading and enlighten yourself. ( Oops! Don’t forget to list down all these, because if I were you, I would do.

1. Consider seeing wedding shows and expos

This tip can never go wrong and I assure you that. If you want a little introduction about how it feels like to be on a wedding or to be the one to get wed, then there’s no advice better than making time for seeing or watching wedding shows and attending wedding expos.

You’ll never know how important this tip until you wake up on a day wondering how to start from planning the big day and every detail on it. Why? Simply because there,

2. Organize the guest lists

Of course, don’t forget your guest lists! Your wedding ceremony wouldn’t be more exciting without your family and closest people to you and your sweetheart. You must allocate some time to organize your guest list with their contacts.

A well-organized guest list will prevent you from having gate crashers on your big day. Also, this will help the wedding staffs monitor the guests who’ll be able to make it on the wedding ceremony proper and those who will not.

3. Give your wedding guests a good service

You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say "I Do” box and candle

Your wedding wouldn’t be more memorable and unforgettable without the long list of your guests. So, the least you can do aside from inviting them is to give them a once in a blue moon type of experience.

You can give them a good ride by availing a minibus hire, by giving them special wedding souvenirs, a variety of good foods on the table, and a night of rock and roll on the dance floor. On your wedding day, think also what’s best for the people who’ll be there in the time you’ll say “I do”.

4. Get yourself a nice-fit and amazing wedding dress

Every bride and groom wants to be the most beautiful partner alive on the day of their wedding – and that would be more possible if you’ll both have the best-fitted and jaw-dropping wedding dresses. That’s why when it comes to your wedding dresses, you have to be keen-minded on choosing the best tailor to do them.

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Don’t just choose something that is elegant, instead, choose something that you’re comfortable to wear from the ceremony to the reception. Or, you can also get a wedding dress that is perfect for your reception but know that this is an addition to your expenses.

SPECIAL NOTE: Shop for your wedding dresses with an ample amount of time gap from your wedding date.

5. Hire a good and well-experienced wedding organizer

It’s understood that planning a wedding can make you crazy. However, there are people who’ll wholeheartedly dedicate their service only to make your big day as indeed the best time of your life. Another thing you don’t want to miss out on planning a wedding is to get a well-experienced wedding organizer.

You might think that you could do the planning all on your own but that would make you feel drained and exhausted instead of having yourself pampered while waiting for your big day. Your chosen wedding organizer will handle all the details and pieces of stuff in making your wedding a day to remember.

6. Choose the best location

Of course, who wouldn’t think of the location of the wedding? It’s one of the most eyed details to know! So, to add more excitement and significance on your big day, it’s important that you carefully think of the best location you can have for your wedding.

You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say "I Do” dinner table

Here are some things you might want to consider in selecting your wedding venue:

  • Number of your guests
  • Weather (hmmm, this is important)
  • Parking lot
  • The theme of your wedding
  • Available date
  • Your allotted budget
  • It’s highly suggested to select a wedding venue that can also hold your wedding reception at the same time. This is to avoid the hassle of long rides and transportation of the guests.

7. Save money for the possible expenses as early as you can

Whether you’re the groom or the bride, you have to save some money for your planned wedding day. This is to avoid unwanted circumstances that may happen whether you’re prepared for it or not.

 The lack of budget is hard to deal with especially when you’re off to something that’s special and important.  So, it’s always better to be ready than to be sorry at the end of the day.

8. Get that posture on fleek

On your wedding day, you should act like you’re the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man alive. That day must be showered with all beauty and elegance and so you should too. It’s advisable that you go workout to enhance your features and primarily your posture.

You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say "I Do” wedding hand heart

Always remember that to carry a dress comes with a perfect and appealing posture. So, no matter how beautiful and elegant your wedding dress is, if you have a poor posture, then it’s a big no for the fashion society. You have to keep your chin up, stomach in, chest out, walk with grace, and carry your body as if it’s as light as a feather.

9. Invest time for the wedding details

No person desires to have a dull and boring wedding – if you are then hmmm, are you sure of that? A wedding is one of the most special occasions to celebrate especially that it’s sacred. So, it’s really important to pay attention and exert a huge effort into its details – from the location, theme, souvenirs, bouquet, menu, wedding song, and so on.

Your wedding will be most remembered by your guests if they will be witnessing details that aren’t only new to their eyes but also some things that have significance to you and the occasion.

10. Employ an excellent documentation team

One of the booming trends nowadays is the different techniques or tricks in documenting a wedding or any other special events. And you might want to include yourself in the long list of those people who go gaga on getting a highly experienced documentation team.

A perfect documentation team can make and capture every special detail of your wedding that would make it easier for you to recall the special event once you grow old. If you can’t decide where to get your own documentation team, no worries because you can always search on the internet or ask for advice.

You’ll Be Glad to Know These 10 Wedding Tips First Before You Say "I Do” bride throwing bouquet

So, make your wedding the biggest event of your lifetime by following these tips for free. You can always plan for the best but to make it possible is the hardest. Well, luckily you’ve read up until the end of the article. Don’t forget to share your wedding memories with us and also your thoughts and advice.


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