10 Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For Soon-To-Be Brides
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10 Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For Soon-To-Be Brides

Over 2 million women get married in the United States every year. While that number has taken a little bit of a downturn in recently, it’s clear that marriage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you count yourself among the horde of soon to be brides that’ll be tying the knot this year, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind.

Guest lists, venues, dresses, and oh yeah – your face!

While there are some women out there that are blessed with flawlessly wonderful skin, most women aren’t. Because of that, if you’re like most people, you’re going to have to put in work so your photographer doesn’t need to work overtime in Photoshop to give you that gorgeous look you’re going for when you walk down the aisle.

To help, here are 10 tips you can leverage to give your skin its best shot at success.

1. Start Early

It takes time to create long-lasting change in your skin. As a matter of fact, skin often gets worse when exposed to new treatments until it has fully adjusted to them.

Because of all of that, we recommend starting your skin overhaul at least 6 months before your wedding. With half a year to get to where you want to go, if you stay disciplined, you’ll be able to comfortably meet your skin goals.

2. Opt for a Med Spa over a Health Spa

The first thing many soon to be brides puts on their skincare checklist is “get facials regularly”. We agree that getting facials is an important part of every women’s skincare journey.

Not all facials are created equal though.

Facials offered by Heath Spas are more targeted at making your skin glow temporarily which isn’t going to do you much good for your wedding. Med Spa facials go much deeper and are targeted at creating systematic changes in your skin.

3. Start Eating Better

Putting stuff on your face isn’t enough to get your skin to where you want it to go by itself. You’ll also need to whip your diet into shape.

Stay away from greasy, fatty foods. Drink plenty of water and ditch soft drinks.

There is no one-size-fits-all perfect “skin diet” since everyone’s skin reacts differently to different foods.

Our recommendation is to do research and keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

4. Obvious Pores? Go for a Microdermabrasion

Many soon to be brides complain about the size of their pores. Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually close pores.

There are, however, ways to reduce their depth which can make them appear smaller.

Our favorite way to achieve this end is with microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion will leave you looking a little red for 72 hours. After a few treatments though, you’ll love the results you get!

5. Exfoliate

If you’re not exfoliating twice a week at home, start. There are plenty of cheap and even homemade exfoliates that you can use which can keep dead skin cells from piling up between facials.

Just be gentle when you exfoliate as over exfoliating can lead to redness and even scarring.

6. Exercise Regularly

When we exercise, we sweat. When we sweat, our body expels a number of toxins through its pores.

The fewer toxins you have in your body, the healthier your skin will be.

Always cleanse your face post-workout so excess sweat doesn’t lead to unsightly breakouts.

7. Use Lip Balm With Sun Protection

Soon to be brides often focus so much on their skin that they forget about their lips. If you’re worried about having dry, cracked lips on your big day, the best thing that you can do to cover yourself is to start wearing lip balm with SPF.

With SPF covering your lips, your mouth will be less burn-prone and your lips will stay soft and supple.

8. Never Use Body Moisturizer on Your Face

There’s a reason why there are facial moisturizes and body moisturizers. And no, the reason isn’t just because companies want to make more money off of you.

The pores on your face are much more sensitive than the pores on your body. That’s why chemicals used in facial products are less harsh.

If you’re using body moisturizer on your face or neck, switching to a proper facial product will reduce the chances of your skin experiencing adverse reactions like “turkey neck” which you can learn more about.

9. Acne Issues? Try Benzyl Peroxide

Adult acne sucks. If you’re experiencing topical acne that’s not cystic (occurring deep beneath the skin) Benzyl Peroxide should help clear it up.

We recommend starting with the 5% solution and working your way up to 10% if you don’t see a change.

Just make sure to apply a sunscreen layer over your Benzyl before going out as it increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun immensely.

10. Wash Your Hands Regularly and Avoid Touching Your Face

If there’s one simple skin care tip that all soon to be brides should find the time to adopt it’s this one… Don’t touch your face.

Your hands touch all kinds of dirty garbage all day long. If you transfer that filth to your face by touching it frequently, you’re going to increase your chances of a breakout.

Wrapping Up Skin Care Tips for Soon to Be Brides

If wedding bells are ringing in your future, try the skincare tips for soon to be brides that we’ve just listed off.

Each of them has the potential to revolutionize the quality of your skin which will lead to you feeling your 100% best come wedding day!

Need more wedding tips, tricks, and inspiration? If so, check out more of our content on Blushed Rose today!

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