4 Rug Mistakes To Avoid
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4 Rug Mistakes To Avoid

If you want to make your home look stylish and contemporary, an addition of a rug can be a huge factor. However, the trick is to choose the right type of rug and use it effectively. How do you do this? Simply avoid the common rug mistakes when decorating around the house.

  1. Not matching the material to the function of the room

Rugs go well in every room but you need to ensure that it blends smoothly by marrying the function of the room with an ideal rug type. The rug that looks good in your dining room might not look the same in your bedroom. Keep the functionality of the room in mind when buying a rug. Choose a durable rug for the dining room because you need to run chairs over it. Pick a solid, durable material for high traffic areas and smooth and silky for your bedroom. Consider the purpose of the rug and then make a decision on the type you want to invest in.

  1. Going small

Nothing will make your house look as bad as a tiny rug making the whole room look inappropriate. There is no specific rule when it comes to choosing the size of the rug but it depends on the size of the room and the shape of your furniture. If the rug is going in the center of the room, it should occupy a large part of the floor space. If there is going to be furniture on top, you need to ensure that the legs of your furniture fit comfortably in the boundaries of the rug. Picking the right size is half your job done.

  1. Being afraid to mix layers and patterns

If you do not experiment with colors and patterns, you might not serve the purpose of the rug. Rugs of all patterns, material, colors and textures are available and if you pick everything in the same color, your room will look boring. Do not be afraid to mix and match the colors and patterns. Try to layer and overlap. You can mix up the colors and patterns just the way you like it.

  1. Misjudging quality

Rugs are complicated and it is hard for a buyer to ascertain the value and quality. There are many rugs made from low grade material and it is available for cheap. They look nicer when they are new but with use, it becomes a rug that looks totally different. Find a reputable rug store like https://samad.com/ when acquiring fine rugs that last long and add an element of sophistication to your personal space.

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If you choose the right size and color of the rug, your house is going to get an immediate uplift. You will notice that the rug has brought in colors, patterns and added a different dimension to the space. Every type of rug should be vacuumed regularly in order to ensure its longevity and make it look as good as new.

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