Best Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Best Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples

As soon as the wedding season arrives, people start pondering over the gifts they should give to the married couple. Wedding gifts used to be a simple choice a few years back, but in 2019, technology and application have taken over the showpiece gifts. Therefore, choosing ideal wedding gifts which look good, are useful and inexpensive is a tedious task to do. To get over this dilemma, we have discussed five unique gift ideas which you can give to a newly married couple in this wedding season.

5 Unique Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Boards

What can be more memorable than a stunning signboard with the name of the couple engraved on the board along with their wedding date? They can display their unique official sign on the entryway to give the guests a warm welcome, or in their walls as a home decor component which helps them remember their wedding. ( Bamboo cutting boards are also in vogue in 2019. (Fluticasone) A board with their names on it which can be used for anything from seasoning to chopping is going to be a great gift that they will use for a long time. Custom acacia boards, similar to bamboo cutting boards, make a unique and useful wedding gift. A canvas printed with the name of the couple and the lyrics of their wedding song is another excellent and memorable wedding gift idea. Personalized cheese boards are another unique and classy wedding gift idea.

  1. Marble Wine Chiller

As unique as it sounds, a marble wine chiller is a unique, useful, and a classy gift idea for newly married couples. Several occasions occur when you to keep the bottle of wine out for a few hours. At normal room temperature conditions, the wine will not remain cool anymore and will not be enjoyable. To overcome this problem, a wine chiller can keep a wine bottle chilled for several hours. You need to take the chilled wine bottle out from the refrigerator and keep it in the wine chiller. A wet kitchen towel can also be wrapped around the bottle to enhance the cooling effect.

  1. Personalized Coffee Set

Who does not like coffee? A personalized coffee set can be an excellent gift idea for couples who love coffee. A coffee set comes with two or more coffee mugs and a travel carafe. All components of the set can be personalized with the name of the couple which will make every coffee they drink a memorable one. The carafe, made of double-walled insulated stainless steel which keeps the hot coffee hot and an iced coffee chilled for hours.

  1. Serving Trays

We are not talking about the basic serving trays made of plastic or fiberglass. In 2019, agate serving trays, or trays made with crystals and geodes are on the rise. With every piece of agate being different and unique, an agate serving tray is one of the most unique and classy gifts you can give to a newly married couple. This tray can be used to bring breakfast and serve snacks for the guests. If not in use, the agate serving tray can also become a magnificent showpiece that elevates the class of your kitchen.

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  1. Anniversary Wine Box

A wine gift box is undoubtedly one of the most unique and unexpected wedding gifts a couple expects, meant to be saved for their anniversary. This box comes with all the essential tools to enjoy the bottles of wine again and again for upcoming years. The top of the gift is customizable and be personalized by engraving a special message for the couple for their first anniversary.

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