6 Corporate Gifts For Newly Wed Employees

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events for most people. As such, the couple and their team take great lengths to guarantee things run smoothly. They have to plan the catering, choose decorations, and send invitations. Meanwhile, guests have other things to worry about, like wedding gifts. 

Getting invited to someone’s wedding is a big deal, especially if the one tying the knot is your employee from work. Receiving an invitation from them means that they respect you as a leader and that they want you to be part of their special day.  

However, being a wedding guest often requires bringing a gift to the event. Some couples may put up a gift registry of things they would like to receive. But if the wedding you'll be attending doesn't have one, what you'll give is up to you. If you're thinking of what gift to give your soon-to-be newlywed team member, check out this list for some ideas:

1.Personalized Gifts

Some people may find objects with their names sewn or printed on tacky, but personalized things are still generally accepted as gifts for any occasion. 

Many customized items don't necessarily need the person's name on them. Custom designs can be anything like images or text of other subjects. So, when thinking of a personalized gift for a newlywed team member, consider their hobbies, interests, pets, or even their line of work. 

Often, the same items you'd give as corporate gifts work well as wedding gifts. Though, you need to coordinate with a reputable printing service to ensure the products come out well. For an example of a company that does a quality job on customizable items, visit links like

A personalized gift for newlyweds can range from wearable items like shirts and caps to others like notebooks and drinkware. With the number of possibilities, you're sure to find something to customize that your employee will appreciate.

2.Food And Drink

It's hard to say 'no' to food, especially when it's given for free. The couple of the wedding you'll be attending is bound to accept any gift involving food as long as their diet allows it. Food is one of the more affordable and appreciated presents you can give anyone. But it's more than just giving them gift coupons to a fancy restaurant. 

Consider offering loose tea leaves packaged in customized containers like vials or tin canisters with the couple's names on them. The presentation will look unique and the gift will be pretty thoughtful. Tea is relaxing and soothes stress and tension from a tough work day. If your team member loves cooking, they could enjoy a new cookbook of unique recipes.  

Naturally, you may also give wine or curated food baskets if you don't know the newlywed employee on a personal level yet.

3.Household Tools

Products and small appliances for a home will always be acceptable wedding gifts in many parts of the world. Even if you think the couple already has the funds for the basics, you'll never go wrong with giving them an extra set of utensils or custom bath towels. Household items are your safest bet regarding gifts.  

Aside from the expected items like dishware, you can go the extra mile and give them a coffee maker or a cast-iron Dutch oven. Go for uniquely-shaped cookie cutters or a cake stand if your team member loves to bake. Or give them a new multifunctional toaster which you can mention in your wedding toast to the couple. Click here for some other short and sweet wedding speech examples. 

Additionally, you have other items meant for entertaining guests. Not everyone thinks of giving a grill set or a charcuterie board as wedding gifts, but they're excellent choices. For the couple with exquisite tastes, you can tickle their fancy with a marble wine chiller or a personalized decanter and a matching set of glasses. You'll likely see these items again the next time the couple invites you to another event.

4.Anything Useful

Many people nowadays are more practical with the things they buy. They want something that has multiple applications or something they can use in any setting. So, if you give a functional gift to the couple, they're more than likely to appreciate it. 

Some useful gift ideas your employee may love include: 

  • Desktop monitor stand;
  • Ergonomic mouse;
  • Headphones; and so on. 

The three items as corporate gifts mentioned above, in particular, are pretty convenient for work. The newlywed would definitely put them to good use. They'll find tasks at the office or a remote workplace much easier thanks to the gifts given by an inspiring leader.

5.Gift Cards

Sometimes, you get a wedding invitation last minute or spend weeks thinking of a gift only to come up with nothing. Nonetheless, it’d be seen as rude if you didn't bring a token to present to the couple. If you're pressed for time, why not give them a gift card or two? Gift cards are still excellent gifts you can give at a wedding and are quite affordable. 

Since your employee is expected to spend some time off work after getting married, a gift card for a hotel or an airline company is a practical choice. Find ones that don't need to be used immediately or expire at least five years after purchase. The couple can save them for now and use them next time, if not right after the wedding. Your team member will have you to thank when they file for their next paid vacation leave.

6.Charitable Donation

The happy couple may have a charitable institution they regularly sponsor. If that's the case, contributing funds or support to the charity can show your appreciation, especially to an employee who's worked hard. It's possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts to give since you're helping an organization that helps others. To make your donation more special, offer it under your team member's name. 

Donating to charity isn't only a considerate present to give. It's also one way to expand your business' network. Grab the opportunity to get to know the organization better and find ways to have your company lend a hand to a noble cause. You can partner up and start charity events your team member will gladly participate in. For an example of a fundraising activity, visit this page.


When invited to a wedding, it's an unwritten and unspoken rule to bring a gift. It doesn't have to be too pricey. People who give the best wedding gifts usually have the couple's interests as the priority. If you're lucky to know your team member well enough, use that to your advantage. You could find the perfect gift they'll surely cherish.