How to organize a wedding event?

How to organize a wedding event?

Planning a wedding is a huge task. It requires a lot of organizational ideas, sources, helping hands, etc. You just cannot plan it all by yourself. You need a wedding planner, an appropriate venue, good food and most importantly your guests. In this process of planning a wedding, a lot of us miss out on a couple of stuff. We even forget to invite some of our guests, which later on become a huge problem.

If there are flaws at your wedding, you will never forget them. Either you will fight with your partner for the flaws or else you will have a good laugh about it. Although, it depends on what kind of flaws take place at the wedding. Here we have discussed some of the common problems which all of us have faced while planning a wedding. If you have faced the same, then it’s time to recall some memories. On the contrary, if you haven’t and soon you’ll be planning your wedding then stay alert.

The Venue of the Wedding

The most important part if the wedding is the venue. It has to be something which fulfills the desire of the bride as well as the groom. Along with this, it must be spacious enough to accommodate the guests comfortably. This venue can be a destination or a grand wedding banquet in the town. Once you have confirmed the venue, keep in mind that you can change it. Moreover, you need to confirm the venue months before the wedding as it might not be available on the selected date. This venue has to be a mutually agreed location so that later on in life you and your fiancé don’t fight over it.

The Guest List

Another important part of planning a wedding is the guest list. What kind of wedding do you want? Do you want a big fat wedding or a wedding with family members only? Also, do you wish to have a wedding where only adults can attend or you wish to have kids playing around the venue? All these factors are very important while selecting the venue for the wedding. You need a venue to accommodate all your guests, so it’s better to prepare the list before finalizing the wedding venue. Besides, if there are kids around, then you must opt for a venue where kids can spend some great time.

RSVPs for Unexpected Guests

What if the guest attending your wedding is beyond the calculated list of guests from the guest list? Have you thought about it? Is it your fault that the guest list isn’t appropriate? Well no, it’s not your fault but the problem is you need to be specific about the invites.

or example, if you are inviting your boss Mr. James and his wife, then address it like Mr. and Mrs. James, not and Mr. James and Family. Alternatively, you can also create an RSVP on the wedding card. This, in turn, will allow the guest to notify you about any extra guest being invited or not. This is the most accountable way to eliminate misunderstandings with guests and have an organized guest invitation.

The Bridesmaids Problem

It’s a big day for you and you need to stay calm. The problem with bridesmaids is that someone might not be happy with the arrangements. You just cannot make everyone happy at the same time. Moreover, it’s your wedding so your happiness is more important. Under such conditions, it’s better to ignore their comments and focus on your big day.

If any issue arises at all, then sort it out after the wedding. You don’t have to rush right at that moment t address the issue. For example, there is a bridesmaid who lives in another state but you wish her to be by your side at your wedding. Plan your wedding on a date when she will be available. Now if she fails to attend the wedding, don’t be upset because it’s your big day, enjoy to the fullest.

Do You and Your Partner Share Common Interest?

This might not be an important factor while planning the wedding but it has its consequences. Moreover, parents play an important role in this segment as they have their opinions too. For instance, your partner is highly adventurous and wishes to have a destination wedding in the hills. On the contrary, you’ve always dreamt of getting married in your home town. This can be a huge problem.

It is better to discuss beforehand so that later on no misunderstandings or grudges holding back. It is your wedding and you as well as your partner must not compromise on each other’s dreams. Involve your friends and family before planning the wedding so that there are no loopholes to affect the wedding later on.

Who is Paying?

Be sure about who is paying for what and how much. A wedding is a mutual event and expenses must be divided mutually. It must not become a burden on any one of you. When you plan for the wedding, write down all the possible expenses you are going to bear.

Discuss it in details with your partner and then divide it among yourselves. If you pay for the venue, your partner must pay for the food. Likewise, your parents should be a part of this discussion as well. Even they have their say and responsibility for your wedding. Make a budget for the wedding and check whether you have included all that you want to be a part of your wedding.

Now, that you have discussed these things, you can move ahead with the next step of working on these. It is very important to work mutually as you just cannot hand it over to anyone. Pick a wedding planner and discuss all that you want for your wedding. It can be your favorite cuisine or your favorite musician you want to perform at your wedding. Also, don’t forget to discuss the photographer and your pre-wedding as well as post-wedding photo session. All these factors are a great part of the wedding.

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