How to plan for the best destination wedding in India?
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How to plan for the best destination wedding in India?

India is a country known for its diversity in terms of culture, language, food, dressing and so much more. Indians are known to celebrate every event of their love throughout the year. Just like there is diversity in the culture of the country, we also have a variety of festivals and occasions depending mainly on which region you are considering.

Amongst all other events, what is one of the biggest and most important is an Indian wedding which is also commonly referred to as a ‘big fat’ Indian wedding. This is because Indians celebrate weddings just like any other festival no matter which part of the country we are talking about. Also, in this era of destination weddings, we should talk about the best destination wedding in India.

What is a destination wedding?

Even a few years back, destination weddings were a part of dreams for many people. Likewise, this trend was still not a part of the Indian wedding culture. This is mainly because Indians are known to be very strongly connected to their roots and are also said to value their traditions more than anything.

Traditional weddings took over all modern trends in the country which has, however, changed recently. With the modernization dwelling over every part of the world, India is not lagging in adapting to all modern trends, one of which is destination weddings. More than just being a trend, destination weddings are exciting and also more cost-effective.

How to plan a destination wedding in India?

These days, a lot of couples are planning destination weddings and are looking for the coziest and most beautiful of locations. An advantage of this trend is that somewhere the scenic beauty of a lot of places in India is being promoted as a lot of couples are planning to choose local locations over international destinations. There are a few things which will help you to plan your big day in a better way.

  1. Location

Choosing the location is the first thing you should tick off the to-do list for your wedding. While a lot of couples may splurge a lot of cash on the most happening locations, a wiser decision would be to choose an offbeat location. This will take care of your budget and an unknown location is always more exciting than a known one.

  1. The wedding date

This is the second most important decision that you have to make to plan the best destination wedding in India. Any destination wedding generally includes booking of hotels or resorts for the family and guests. Try to choose an off-season date for your wedding. This way you can bag better offers and deals on hotel tariffs.

  1. Less is more in terms of décor

Minimal decor is the key to an exciting and yet a budget wedding. Choose a location which will not require a lot of decoration and excess accessorization of the venue might charge you a bomb unnecessarily.

  1. Choosing photographers

Go for a local photographer over a professional photographer is a smart move. A pro photographer will, of course, charge you quite an amount as compared to a local guy. This way you can also give chance to someone who has a knack of photography and is trying to get into the business. (

Best places for a destination wedding in India

Let us now take a look at some of the most amazing wedding destinations in India:

  1. Mussourie

Have you ever dreamt of a hill wedding? Mussourie is one of the best options to make your dream come true. The natural beauty of this hill station is breathtaking. This city has some of the most lavish properties in the country including resorts, spas, hotels, and ballrooms. April to October is the best time to get wedded here!

  1. Jaisalmer

The glorious history of the city of Jaisalmer makes it befitting for a destination wedding. This is a perfect place if you want a royal wedding. Apart from this, Jaisalmer has some of the most scenic locations. You can choose from the Fort Rajwada or the Himmatgarh Palace for your big day. November to March is the ideal time for this place.

  1. Pushkar

Known as the city of fairs in Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the most colorful parts of the royal state. Not only this, but the city also has to offer some of the most suitable wedding venues for people who want to stay strict with their religious beliefs. The famous temples in Pushkar are said to be holy places for a pious occasion like marriage. The weather here remains pleasant from January to March.

  1. Agra

Agra is one of the best historical locations when we are talking about love. You cannot give this city a miss when you are planning for the best destination wedding in India. You can choose the Mansingh Palace or the Oberoi Amarvilas for a lavish affair.

  1. Neemrana

A few kilometers from Gurgaon, the Neemrana palace is a very photogenic location. It is extremely suitable for a destination wedding. The scenery here will add a charm to your wedding photographs, and what more can be better than a palace if you dream of a royal wedding.

  1. Nasik

Nasik is truly an unconventional location for a destination wedding that you can think of. This city has to offer you a variety of locations such as the exotic hills, waterfalls and also the very famous Sula Vineyard. What could be more stylish than getting married amidst a vineyard?

  1. Amritsar

The city of the Golden Temple is considered to be the heart of Punjab. It is one of the most pristine places in the whole country and also a good choice for a beautiful destination wedding in India. September to November and February to March is the ideal time for celebrating in this place.

  1. Udaipur

Also known as the Venice of the East, the city of Udaipur is one of the most chosen cities for a destination wedding in India. With a range of lakes and palaces, this place is a dream location for a wedding. You can choose one of the boutique hotels in this city for the most lavish wedding celebration.

It is time to choose your destination wedding location and plant the budget accordingly!