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Style Guide for Designer Rings

Investing in beautiful, high quality jewelry is incredibly exciting and special. Building a collection of unique designer pieces will give you countless styling possibilities – in fact, at times, maybe even too many possibilities for you to quite make sense of. (Diazepam) If you’re looking at your collection and you’re feeling a little stumped as far as mixing and matching goes, or you’re flirting with the idea of a gorgeous new addition to your jewelry box but you’re not quite sure how it’s going to harmonise with the rest of your pieces, then you’ve come to the right spot! Read on for a full guide to seamlessly styling your designer rings collection…

Start simple 

Start simply to avoid going too maximalist too quickly. Begin with your essential accessories, this means minimalist bands, wedding rings, keepsakes or any other jewelry that you simply have to wear on a day to day basis. Place these first and take a step back to see the gaps for your more statement items or those pieces that you love but don’t wear on a daily rotation. 

Choose an aesthetic direction 

Once you have a good idea of what you can and can’t get away with adding to your ensemble, it’s time to choose yourself an aesthetic direction for your styling. Following a certain look is the easiest way to put together a cohesive jewelry mood. If you’re feeling more minimal, stick to your basic pieces and let them shine. Maybe you want to channel more of a bohemian spirit? Stack eclectic gemstone rings, layer bracelets and do plenty of mixing and matching to create a rich, lustrous look. 

Style Guide for Designer Rings

Image source: Lassanai NYC

Don’t be afraid to mix and match 

Speaking of mixing and matching! If you have more of a maximalist tendency then you should feel comfortable creating interesting and unexpected jewelry looks through mixing metals, materials and gemstones. The key to keeping this styling mood looking put together is by ensuring that the pieces you’re mixing are all well made from quality materials. Cheap metals become glaringly obvious after a few wears, so sticking to your designer pieces to create your ensembles will always work best. Plus, these pieces last far longer than the lower quality fast fashion alternatives, as well as being sustainable, responsible and kinder to our environment. 

Switch it up 

If you’re lucky enough to have a wide and wonderful collection of designer rings on your hands, why not give yourself the freedom to try lots of different looks, aesthetics and styles on the daily? Switch it up from minimal to bohemian, delicate to bold, muted to colorful, whatever takes your fancy! This is going to make the most out of your collection and your wardrobe! Accessories and jewelry really are one of the fastest and easiest means of enhancing your outfits, embrace that power with your ring styling! 

Stay mindful 

Take the time to slowly try out different ring formations, it takes a minute to figure out a look that you’re happy with! It’s so easy to beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve the style or outcome that we were going for right away, be nice to yourself and give yourself the room to play around! Creativity is all about freedom and relaxation, so be mindful and factor that in when you’re styling your ring collection. 

Invest in quality 

Lastly, ensure that you’re consistently purchasing high quality designer rings pieces. These are going to be far more original, long lasting and comfortable to wear than the alternatives out there, so they’re well worth the investment! Quality rings will make your styling so much easier. 

Are you ready to get styling your ring collection? Statement, minimal, dainty or chunky, all of your pieces are going to shine with these tips and tricks in play! 


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