Gender Neutral Hairstyles

Gender Neutral Hairstyles

Gender Neutral Hairstyles. International Women’s Day is imminent and it’s an important occasion to celebrate not just women but for equality, in general, all over the world. Fighting stereotypes, promoting justice and improving situations for everyone no matter what gender they relate to, is the key message for International Women’s Day 2020.

With that in mind, opting for gender neutral hairstyles can look edgy and chic. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a pixie cut or a super short bob. Today, these haircuts aren’t seen as masculine, but stylish for any gender, and for any occasion.

Side Swept Pixie Cut

Opt for androgynous vibes with an edgy side swept pixie cut. Though cutting your hair this short seems like a daunting prospect, this kind of style is low maintenance. You can literally roll out of bed and style it in a flash. If you have reservations over taking the plunge, opt for a longer pixie cut, which will give you length and texture to work with. Use the front wispy parts to frame your face beautifully.

Soft Mullet

Add an 80’s vibe to your look with a soft mullet. The tomboyish hair style is sophisticated with an androgynous touch. Sweep your hair back and opt for a slicked back style for the evening, and leave your hair loose and fancy free during the day for a more casual touch. This is a bold style that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

The Curly Mop

Opt for a curly bob and let your bouncy curls do the talking. The Parisian chic hairstyle oozes glamour and rock’n’roll vibes. Encourage volume and texture with a texturizing spray and hydrate your ends with coconut oil for a luxurious sheen. If you have a fringe, curling the fringe can add a bit of edge to your look.

Long Layers

Who says that gender neutral hairstyles have to be short and sweet? Mid-length hair with choppy layers can suit any gender type. Make sure you trim your hair regularly to keep it looking fresh. ( Opt for a center-parting and allow your hair to frame your face.

The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut was deemed a disastrous hairstyle just a matter of years ago – now it’s a cutting-edge hairstyle. Halsey is the perfect example of someone who rocks this trend beautifully, without looking like she is going through a bad hair day. The hair style is now deemed part of the K-pop trend, and can look stunning with an evening look and shake up your most elegant outfits.

Relaxed Cropped

No fuss and effortless. The relaxed cropped style is a versatile look that takes minimum care, apart from the regular trim of course! This style also minimizes damage and though it’s a short style, boasts texture and nourished locks. This style is also perfect for natural hair, as it requires minimum effort.


If you are feeling bold, then a buzzcut could be a great look for you. It’s a confident look that will leave you with a thin layer of hair, and has been a look adopted by Hollywood celebrities such as Rose McGowan. The key to working it is creating a bold look, whether that is through your style or through your makeup, to look edgy and pull off this statement style. You will feel sexy and on-trend!

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