insulin injections

What are the benefits of insulin injections?

What are the benefits of insulin injections?

The number of people who have diabetes is getting bigger every day due to the harmful external factors around us – bad environment, fast-food meals on every step, poor immune system, etc. All of that causes high blood sugar and affects the health of every fifth person on the planet Earth. Thankfully, insulin injections appeared on the market for helping the pancreas, which can’t produce enough natural insulin in the body. But what is insulin, and how can it help those with type 1 diabetes, as well as type 2 diabetes? Read more in the article we’ve prepared for you.

What is insulin for controlling blood sugar levels?

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas in the human body, however, sometimes they can’t produce enough insulin. Its main task is to lower the blood glucose levels, as well as stock the sugar in body tissues (e.g., the liver, muscles, fat cells, etc.). Depending on the type of diabetes and various health issues the person has, the doctor may prescribe to use the following types of insulin:

  • Short-acting insulin (or rapid-acting insulin);
  • Intermediate-acting insulin;
  • Long-acting insulin.

Besides, it can be prescribed in various forms: inhaled insulin, insulin pumps, insulin pens, or classic insulin injections. The overdose may cause a low blood sugar levels episode.

The medication also suppresses glycogen turning into glucose which is released in the bloodstream and influences a person’s health and wellness throughout the day.

Benefits of the insulin therapy

Advantage of the insulin treatment is the health information everyone with diabetes should be aware of. The main benefits of using insulin include:

  • Decreasing blood glucose. It is very helpful for those who produce a little or no insulin (people with type 1 diabetes) and those who fail to produce or use insulin normally (people with type 2 diabetes). The injection is mainly used to control blood sugar if oral medications are not effective enough;
  • Improving brain and nerve functioning. Insulin therapy increases the cognitive function of the brain in elderly patients, as well as those with Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment;
  • Perfecting heart function. Any type of insulin decreases the risk of blood clots formation, increases blood flow in the heart muscle, and makes heart pumping function better;
  • Insulin analogs are helpful for those who are on a diet and exercise program. People with a problem of weight gain often have diabetes and need to take insulin to control their blood sugar.

The bottom line

As you can see, the list of how insulin may improve the patient’s health is pretty long (and we’ve talked only about basic advantages). However, remember that only a doctor can provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment to you. So, before deciding that you need to inject insulin, talk to your specialist, who will determine what type of medications you need. Thank you for reading! Check out MACG for more information on palliative care.

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