Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Wedding is the biggest day of one’s life. Preparation for the wedding matters a lot. It includes selecting the jewellery, shoes, Perfect Wedding Dress, cosmetics, hairdo, venue and much more. Indeed, the actual list is quite prolonged.

However, the most significant and highly prominent of these is the Perfect Wedding Dress which grants grace and style to the bride. Body shape calculator is a must online tool for brides before starting their big day.

Body Type Calculator for Perfect Wedding Dress

Do not rush for the preparations without having an idea about your body shape. The body shape differs from one person to another. It majorly depends on the size of different body parts. Using the body shape calculator is super easy. Do not have to panic at all about using it. Open up the calculator online and enter the details of the size of your body part. Take the inch-tape to measure these body parts so that you can mention the actual size.

It demands the size for hip, waist, high-hip, bust etc. Mention these in inches or cm as per your use in the body shape calculator. After doing so, hit the Calculate button, and you will instantly get the outcomes without any hassle. It will reflect what body shape you have. The ideal body shape for women is the hourglass shape which makes ladies highly glamorous and stunning.

Types of Body Shape:

There exist a variety of body shapes for females. The highly feminine and curvy body shape for women is the hourglass shape which makes ladies highly glamorous and stunning. Other body shapes for the female are:

  •         Oval body shape
  •         Diamond body shape
  •         Rectangular body shape
  •         Inverted triangle body shape
  •         Triangle body shape
  •         Hourglass body shape

Triangle body shape is also known as pear body shape, bell body shape or spoon body shape. Here, the size of the hip is greater than the bust. Hourglass body shape is also known as facing inwards, triangles opposing or X-shaped body shape. In it, the bust and hip have almost equal size while the waist is narrow in appearance. In banana, rectangle or straight body shape, the waist size is 9 inches smaller compared to hip size.

Wedding Dress as Per Body Shape:

A wedding dress is the most special and important part of one’s wedding. Selection of wedding dress takes much time and energy. Brides love to look adorable on the biggest day of their life and choose the most attractive dress to look prettiest. Surely, it demands lots of research, time and energy for getting the highly elegant dress.

The wrong selection of the dress on your big day can prove highly disastrous. You may look ordinary or bad for your wrong selection, and hence it is optimally necessary to choose the dress based on your body shape. The body shape calculator helps in the determination of the body shape you are having had. Hence, you can grab the right outfit to look like a stunning diva.

Most Stunning Wedding Attire:

Knowing popular wedding dress type is necessary for grabbing the right one. When you know about your body shape through a body shape calculator, then instantly rush towards the rationale shopping.

  •         Mermaid
  •         A-line
  •         Trumpet
  •         Tea Length
  •         Slip
  •         Ballgown


Mermaid type attire suits the bride, who are apple-shaped in appearance. If your friend or colleague is apple-shaped, you can suggest she buy the bridal outfit in the mermaid style. When you make a rationale selection of the shapewear, then you get the unique clicks of your big day to relish throughout life.

If you have a dream to become smarter and get the ideal body shape, then ensure to complete your target before purchasing the dress. The body shape calculator will let you know how much closer you are to your target.


A-line is such a bridal attire which suit almost everybody types. If you cannot comprehend what style suits you the most, you can go for the A-line attire. It is the one that smoothly hugs the waist area and provides mesmerizing appeal to the brides.

It ensures a slimmer appeal to the brides and is a perfect selection for curvy brides or pear-shaped brides. When the petite bride selects this attire for her big day, she looks amazingly taller. Besides this, she also gets the slimming effect, which is ample for receiving appreciation and praises for her selection.


It is indeed the mermaid version that is more toned down in appearance. If you have an stunning hourglass shape or X-body shape, you will look amazingly stunning in a trumpet-shaped outfit. Let your curves be highly prominent and complemented with the use of a trumpet outfit! Flaunt with perfection in this bridal outfit.

Body shape calculator is the digital aid that helps select the right bridal outfit as per the body appearance. Blessed are the ladies who get the outcome of body shape as the hourglass body shape on the online calculator. It boosts up the confidence level of ladies to be highly creative and innovative with their dressing. They are highly inclined to wear whatever they like because their body shape allowed them to do so.

They will look glamorously hot in all kinds of dresses but relying on uplifting their features matters a lot.

Tea Length:

The strong internet connection will let you find the body type through a body type calculator. You can use it multiple times as you like. Tea-length is the bridal outfit that optimizes the body type with perfection. Choose magnetic jewellery to embrace this glamorous and trendy outfit. This ankle-grazing wedding dress is the unconventional choice of brides to make grant a wonderful personality to them.


Look amazingly chic, sophisticated and trendy in a Slip bridal outfit. It is the minimal one which lets you gain more. The simplicity of these attires gets complimented with the perfect bias cut or cowl neck designs. This dress is often chosen for the brides, where bridesmaids love to accompany the bride throughout the occasion. Bridesmaid elegantly complemented the long length of the outfit throughout the pathway.


Get the flair type look or be a princess of the event with the ball gown attire. The bridal outfit is highly voluminous in appearance and hence suits the ladies having a heavy lower body. If you have huge hips and waist size, you can go with this option to cover the areas with grace.

It is also suitable for the ladies having a fuller bust with a slim hip. However, selecting a skirt is risky in such a case as it would not grant elegance to the bride but make her look much larger. Go for this option to make your event successful.

In a Nutshell:

Body shape calculator is an online tool that prevents you from making the wrong decision. The guidance about the right wedding dress would let you have the perfect wedding. The confidence level of brides matters a lot. Any unexpected thing like looking ordinary on the big day can spoil her mood or disturb her mentally. Hence, a body shape calculator assists in dealing with such issues to make it a mega-successful event.