Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh

Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh That You Cannot Miss

India, the land of spices, is very popular for its wide range of cuisines. When you’re in India, you will get to try different dishes, ranging from sweet to spicy and so on. Well, if you want to enjoy the delicacies, you should consider trying the famous food of Andhra Pradesh. 

You can check out the Andhra Pradesh cuisine history, and you will be surprised to know how great these dishes are. The wide range of famous food of Andhra Pradesh is extremely popular for its spices and taste. 

Choose the Best food in Andhra Pradesh Pradesh. 

Going through the Andhra Pradesh cuisine history will make you realize how great the food will be. To learn more, you can check out the Andhra Pradesh food Wikipedia. Spice is the major ingredient in most of the foods of Andhra Pradesh. But if your spice tolerance level is low, you can consider consuming jaggery or butter milk. Honestly, the famous food of Andhra Pradesh has everything you’re looking for. 

You can visit the streets of Hyderabad or the beaches of Vizag to enjoy the delicacies of Andhra Pradesh. 

Which is the famous food of Andhra Pradesh? 

If you check the Andhra Pradesh food Wikipedia, you will have a tough time determining which one is the famous food. Sometimes, too sweet or too spicy food can be pretty soothing for your tongue. 

Therefore, if you want to check the best and famous food of Andhra Pradesh, here’s a few of them:

Hyderabadi Biryani

Who hasn’t heard of the delicious Hyderabadi Biryani? This one dish is a cuisine on its own. While biryani in different parts of India is different, you should definitely give Hyderabadi Biryani a try. It is one of the main dishes in Andhra wedding

Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh
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Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most famous Mughal cuisines. It is prepared with a thorough combination of rice, meat, and masalas. If you ever visit Hyderabad, do not ever forget to consume biryani. 

The Hyderabadi biryani is also known as dum biryani. Chicken dum Biryani is extremely delicious. 

Kandhi Podi

If you’re from the North, you might have never heard about Kandhi Podi or gunpowder. In Andhra Pradesh, gunpowder means spicy powder. And honestly, it totally defines its name. The spicy powder is a major ingredient in most of the famous food of Andhra Pradesh. It is sure to give you an adrenaline rush.  

Kandhi Podi is a red gram powder made from Bengal gram, red gram, and roasted gram. It is a major spice in different dishes. One of the best parts about Kandhi Podi is that you can store it for months. Several hotels outside Andhra Pradesh make it a point to serve Kandhi Podi to serve the taste buds of their customers. 

If you add a pinch of Kandhi Podi to your hot rice and some ghee, you can relish it. Honestly, this cuisine will become your favorite Andhra meal, and you can never go back.

Kodi Pulao

Kodi Pulao is the perfect blend of meat and rice. While it is almost similar to biryani, it is not biryani. This is one delicious meaty dish that is served with a side curry, chutney, and raita. 

Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh
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If you ever visit the Banjara hills, make sure to have Kodi Pulao. No matter which hotel in Banjara Hills you’re visiting, you should make it a point to consume Kodi Pulao. 

Gutti Vankaya Kura

If you don’t want spicy non-vegetarian dishes, you should consider consuming Gutti Vankaya Kura. Since spice is the major ingredient in most of Andhra Pradesh, gutti Vankaya Kura is no less. It is extremely rich in flavor but lightweight, which wouldn’t make you full so easily. 

It is a spicy eggplant curry that you can consume in Vijayawada. So, if you’re visiting Vijayawada for your honeymoon, you can never miss out on these. Have a plate of hot rice and gutti Vankaya Kura. 

Gongura pachadi

No matter which Andhra cuisine you’re trying, it is incomplete if you do not have gongura pachadi. The wide range of chutneys also plays an important role in adding taste to your food. Spinach pachadi is an extremely delicious and famous food of Andhra Pradesh. 

Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh
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Unlike other delicacies, Gongura Pachadi has a unique flavor. Therefore, no matter how much you eat, you will always want more. It is a tangier version of the pickle. Sorrel leaves are one of the major ingredients. 

None of the Hyderabadi meals will be given to you without Gongura Pachadi. The best place to try this in Andhra Pradesh is Madhapur. 

Akura Pappu

Spinach consumption is pretty high in Andhra Pradesh. If you’re a fan of Popeye, we can already imagine your love for Akura Pappu. This dish is a special favorite for children. 

If your child loves their veggies, Akura Pappu can be a great choice. If you’re setting out to a holy place as Tirupati, you can surely consume Akura Pappu. Akura Pappu and rice are like daal and rice. 


South India has a variety of dosas, and each of them has a particular flavor to serve. Pesarattu is one of the healthiest varieties of dosa. While traditional dosa is made using fermented rice, Pesarattu is made using moong daal. 

Source: Times Food

In Andhra Pradesh, Pesarattu is served with an upma stuffing. The upma stuffing is what makes Pesarattu a unique dish. If you have had a long, tiring day, you can consume Pesarattu, which will relieve all your tension. 

Crispy bhindi

Ladyfinger is a staple dish all over India. Bhindi Bhujiya is love. But have you ever heard about crispy bhindi? Crispy bhindi preparation uses a wide range of spices.

Crispy bhindi is extremely delicious, and everyone loves it. Furthermore, you can consume delicious crispy bhindi in the best hotels of Andhra Pradesh along with pulse and rice. 


Who doesn’t love sweet rice dumplings? If you don’t know this, Boorelu is quite a famous food of Andhra Pradesh. The mixture is extremely sweet and prepared mostly during religious festivals. Boorelu is available in almost all the sweet shops. 

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Final Thoughts

The famous food of Andhra Pradesh will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more. The list of delicacies in Andhra Pradesh is never-ending. The Andhra Pradesh cuisine is hugely influenced by the village atmosphere. The addition of Kandhi Podi plays a vital role in enhancing the taste. 

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