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Top Vacation Spots in Hawaii for Couples

Popularly recognized as one of the best vacation destinations on the planet, Hawaii is a place filled with peace and tranquillity. The city offers a refreshing getaway for families with kids, friends or vacationing couples.- Spots in Hawaii 

Local residents in Hawaii are widely known for their hospitality and exceptional traditional cuisines. A combination of friendliness, food, culture and serenity makes it a perfect place for your dream Hawaiian weddings and honeymoons

Deciding on the perfect vacation spot can be a bit difficult as there are numerous sites to explore. In a bid to help you narrow down your choices to the most convenient and exquisite locations, we have carefully selected a list of top destination sites that will give you the encounter of a lifetime.


List of Top Vacation Destinations in Hawaii

Below is a list of places we guarantee will provide the relaxation, security and peace you deserve on your vacation.


Hanalei is a modest community situated on the north shore of Kauai, in Hawaii. Its sickle shaped seaside on the town’s Bay highlights the Pine Trees surf region at Waioli Beach Park. 

The town offers tons of fun activities to couples with its extraordinary scenery, in addition, it consists of dazzling beaches such as the Tunnels Beach, which was widely known to have featured in the 1958 South Pacific movie. Hanalei consists of mountains with trails extending to captivating cascades, galleries and interesting antique stores. 

Couples could engage in activities such as taking strolls through the inspiring Hanalei Pier and partaking in its stunning views, visiting the dynamic Limahuli Garden and Reserve which covers over seventeen sections of land outlined by the ocean, biking the mountains, swimming and enjoying the town’s peaceful nightlife.


Kaanapali Beach- Spots in Hawaii 

Located on the west side of Maui around 4.82 kilometers north of the Lahaina town, Kaanapali Beach has been voted severally as one of the best white sand seaside in the country. It was once named as America’s Best Beach due to its perfectly clear waters and delicate, smooth sands. 

Activities such as swimming and scuba diving can be practiced by couples on the beach. The region surrounding the beach is a safe spot to seek shelter in, as it is filled with the island’s jaw dropping view, loads of lavish hotels and exquisite pools. There are various sorts of eateries, shops and gaming activities easily located within walking distance.

Waikoloa- Spots in Hawaii 

Home to few of the best tourist centers, Waikoloa is a good destination for a relaxing vacation. There is very little nightlife activity in this region of Hawaii, still couples can experience luxurious sauna treatments and cocktail dinners. 

The town also features the Anaehoomalu Beach, one of the island’s lovely beaches. Activities that can be done include; stand-up oaring, sailing in the sunset and observing wildfire such as whales during the winter seasons. 


Molokai- Spots in Hawaii 

Situated only 9 miles from the famous retreats on West Maui, this island creates a dazzling dreamy experience for tourists. With zero nightlife or crowded spaces, this island is a perfect location for couples looking to escape from city life.

Notwithstanding the absence of commercial activities in Molokai, there are a lot of activities to do here other than relax on the beach. Enjoy exploring the island by visiting archeological sites, taking captivating pictures of the world’s tallest cliffs, eating mouth watering delicacies, interacting with locals and scuba diving among coral reefs. (Ivermectin)

Waikiki Beach

When you are seeking to surround yourself and your partner with vibrancy and city centers, Waikiki Beach is the best destination spot for you. Located in Oahu, the beach is surrounded by buzzing streets, bars, supermarkets, galleries, skyscrapers, and five-star hotels. These hotels are rather affordable when compared to five-star hotels in the United States. Waikiki beach is the busiest spot in Oahu. One thing that might be of disadvantage to visitors is the city’s traffic. Every year, people all over the world visit the region to participate in great cruising and swimming, hula dancing, canoeing, and a host of other exciting activities.


Kailua Kona Island

Situated on the western part of Hawaii, it is famous for hosting the International Billfish Tournament yearly. The reason for its consistency in hosting the competition is due to its unending waters suitable for deep-sea fishing. 

Kailua-Kona on the west side of the Big Island has a brighter, drier atmosphere which makes it a good site for exploring sea life such as; dolphins, sea lions, and whales. Other activities include swimming and snorkelling. There are a vast percentage of hotels on the Island, alongside a lot of surfer stores, eateries and bars.



There are numerous appealing places to explore in Hawaii, however these locations above are dependent on what your ideal vacation destination is. Whether you are the kind of couple looking for privacy or those who desire to be actively involved in street life, the island provides something to meet the desires of everyone. Hawaii will remain one of the best places to visit for an exotic experience whether you are trying to get married or you just want to get away from busy city life.

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