Wedding Invitations E-cards – Video or PDF?

The printed wedding cards are the classic invitations to a traditional ceremony. The world is changing with technology with more and more invitations being created digitally. They are easy to send out and convenient for the guests to access the invitations on their phones.

Let us begin with PDF cards

PDF Ecards are the closest to a printed wedding card. They are basically the digital image versions of a printed wedding card which are adapted to be viewed on a phone screen. They are easy to read because their scrolling is not automatic and you can view them one at a time. Not only that, you can add smart links to them.

What are these smart links?

In this age of technology, you can add Google Maps links to your venue locations. The guests simply click on that link and get the best directions to your venues.

You can also add your phone nos. for guests to RSVP. You can also add the phone nos. of the venue or your wedding coordinators so that your guests can call them up for any assistance.

And what are Video Ecards?

Video Ecards, as the word suggests are with movements in the design and auto-scrolling of the text, accompanied by melodious background music. The overall effect is of video animation as the card opens up like a digital reel from beginning to end. They are quite engaging and attractive to the viewers, with sound and movement.

But, unlike PDF Cards, you cannot add smart links to them. 

What is the better option?

Choose PDF Ecards because they make life very convenient for your guests. No more struggling with disproportionate printed maps or even trying to enter locations on Google maps. No more trying to recall or searching for phone nos of the hosts, the venue or the wedding coordinator.

Choose Wedding Invitation Video Ecards if the idea is to send out a very engaging invitation because an animated design moving to a background musical score is very charming. Let us face it, weddings are all about music and fun. 

So Video Ecards are quite charming but PDF Ecards can be made smarter.

It all depends on what you are looking for because both have their merits and just like any fashion, one is elegant and smart while the other is equally elegant but festive.