Decor Tips For You Marital Bedroom
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Decor Tips For You Marital Bedroom

Now that you have married the love of your life, it is time to move in to your marital home where you can share your life and build your family. One part of sharing a home with your significant other involves sharing the decoration duties, while one of you may take more of a lead in decorating most of the home, when it comes down the bedroom that should be a shared exercise. 

So, when you’re decorating your marital bedroom with your spouse, what can you do to make the space a shared haven for the both of you?

Cut Down on Clutter Before Moving In 

Before even moving-in with your new spouse, the best thing you can do for your marital bedroom’s décor is to cut down on the amount of clutter you’ll be bringing into the bedroom. Both you and your partner will be bringing nick-nacks, trinkets and decorations into the new home and bedroom, so if both of you bring everything your bedroom will look awfully cluttered.

If yourself and your future spouse both make an effort to cut down on what decorative items you bring into the bedroom, you’ll have a lot more space in your bedroom, which allows you to invest in new shared décor pieces and create a relaxing shared space.

Decorate With Symmetry

Symmetry is a key to a good relationship, by giving as much as you take in life you will ensure that you have a happy marriage and keep you in sync with your partner. This advice is just as true when it comes to bedroom décor, by ensuring that your bedroom is as equal as your romantic partnership.

By keeping the general layout of a bedroom symmetrical, you each have your own space with everything you need that’s perfectly balance. While the individual pieces don’t need to be the same, items like bedside tables and reading lights should be mirrored either side of your bed to create a visual symmetry that compliments your relationship.

Focus On Getting Lighting Right

Light in the bedroom is incredibly important and often people may overlook it when decorating, but a focus on the lighting situation can help create a space more conducive to sleep, romance and relaxation for yourself and your spouse.

Buying roller blinds with blackout fabric for your windows, will allow you to keep the room dark to encourage sleep; bedside lamps will encourage independence as you can stay up late reading without disrupting your partner’s sleep; and good mood lighting can help improve the romantic side of your married life by setting the mood.

Invest in Good Bed Linens

Bedrooms are areas focused on two main things: sleep and comfort. Bedrooms are our relaxing safe havens after a long stressful day, so comfort is a must when it comes to furnishing the bedroom and getting to sleep is a lot easier when you’re comfortable.

So, you should invest in some high-quality bed linens, if you’ve not married yet, now’s the time to add some good bedsheets to your registry. Regardless, by investing in good bed linens you’ll ensure yours and your partners comfort and quality sleep for years to come.

Use Your Love As Inspiration

Finally, it’s time to finish off your shared bedroom’s decoration, with the most personal of touches. Your bedroom is a shared space for yourself and your spouse and so the décor should reflect your love for each other and celebrate your relationship.

So, for finishing touches you should take inspiration from your shared love, hang pictures from milestones in your relationship on the wall, buy décor pieces that remind you of big events in the relationship and most importantly have a picture of your love on your bedside table.

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