The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do Before 30

30 is a magical number, and many things change for everyone. The phase between 20 and 30 is magic and experimenting. Individuals often like to experiment with different things life offers during this age and prepare a plan for the rest of their life. However, only some can plan everything when they are in their twenties.

Life is uncertain, and not everybody is equal. For instance, a few individuals are self-motivated and have a plan, while others require motivation and guidance. Life has plenty to offer, and not everyone can have everything!

Today's post will look at some of the interesting things you can do before you turn 30. Things to do before 30 help you have the life you often dreamt of and indulge in a balanced lifestyle.

Things to do Before 30

The list below speaks about the most suitable things to do before 30, and one can start planning their life for better results. A plan will also help anyone prepare themselves and brace for unforeseen circumstances.

Plan for your retirement

There are many reasons to start planning for retirement early. You may want to do this for your family, financial security, or to support social causes you believe in. One of the common justifications people give is that they don't have enough money saved yet. However, suppose you start saving and steadily increase your investments over time. In that case, you'll be surprised how quickly those pennies add up!

Save for a rainy day

Planning for the future is essential because you never know what life could throw your way. Saving money now means that you will have a safety net. You can depend on these funds when things go wrong in the future rather than emptying the actual savings.

Travel to different locations

Traveling to new places is an ideal way to discover new cultures and make lifelong memories. You will be exposed to new people, food, and places you may never have the opportunity to experience. Start by traveling to a location that you have always wanted. Then, add a few more to your bucket list and try fulfilling them.

Eat healthy food

If you're serious about your future, it's time to start thinking about your diet. Eating healthy food improves your quality of life and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Include green leafy vegetables, protein-rich foods, vegetables rich in vitamins and iron, and poultry food.

Pay off student loans as soon as possible

If you have a student loan, it is wise to start repaying it and pay it off to unburden from the financial stress. Then, once you are employed, plan the savings such that you begin to repay your existing student loan and have a portion to save for your emergency fund.

Pay off debt and live within your means

Dealing with debt can be a huge time and energy suck. If you have any debt, it is vital to start paying it off. With the help of a financial advisor, this can be done in a way that fits your personal goals. Living within your means should also be done to avoid future financial problems.

Get life insurance coverage

Life insurance aims to provide financial protection against death, disability, or old age. Suppose you are looking for life insurance coverage. In that case, you want to ensure that it can provide sufficient protection and be tailored to your needs. In addition, it ensures financial and emotional safety to family members in case of disability or death.

Fall in love

Love is a powerful emotion and can change the course of your life. Enjoy the feeling of falling in love and making memories with someone you care about before you hit 30. Don't let a fear of love get in your way. It is easy to find a suitable partner at the current age. You can choose online dating applications or meet a friend who is a friend of others. ( Ensure that you understand each other well before going down the road and creating a stronger bond.

Take risks

The world is your oyster, and you should take risks to make your dreams come true. How will you know if they were meant to be if you don't? You will achieve more incredible things when you take a risk. It will also help you understand your potential and find new ways to express yourself. For instance, try skydiving or paragliding to fight that fear of falling from heights. You will learn how well you can manage your fear and enjoy what you do.

Be confident

Nobody can change how you feel about yourself because that's your identity, and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. However, being confident in who you are will help strengthen your self-esteem and make it easier for others to recognize that confidence in themselves. There is no one way to be confident, and you need to find your own style of faith.

Keep fit

Staying fit is one of the best things to do before 30. Join your local gym, a dance activity, or anything that interests you and helps you stay fit. Indulge in regular exercises to ensure you have a healthy and fit body. First, you must be passionate about your work and keep a goal. Then, work towards that goal and continue doing it even after reaching it. It will help you keep in shape throughout your life and maintain the confidence you need.

Improve people network

When you're in your twenties, making friends with anyone and building good relationships is easy. Improving professional and personal relationships is one of the most critical aspects of this period. Such a network comes to your rescue when you plan to go on a trip with your friends or start a business venture where you need connections to grow and sell your product. The benefits that you receive for improving and maintaining a good network of people are numerous.

Learn a language

You will always benefit when you know a new language. It will help you learn more about a culture and offer insight into the history of another country. You will also learn about food and customs. From a professional point of view, learning a new language is beneficial because it will help you position yourself in a specific career field.

Try cooking at home

As you are in your twenties, you like eating and tasting different foods. However, you will be spending more than you are earning. A better way is to cook at home. You will be cooking freshly and improving your cooking skills, which you can show someone special later in life. Cooking at home also helps you relieve stress after a tiring day.

Start Investing

As you are in your twenties, investing at an early stage gives you an ideal lead in life. First, start investing in the stock market with a small portion of your earnings to ensure healthy returns in the future. A well-managed portfolio is an excellent start to reduce losses in the market, and it also provides for your financial security. ( Typically, after age 50, saving becomes more important than investing. That being said, your 401k pension plan or some other investment vehicle may help you retire in a manner that best suits your situation.


This guide is a compilation of the best things to do before 30. It includes tips from people who have done it and advice from experts who have studied the process. Of course, before turning thirty, there are many things to do. Still, everything depends on what you seek from your life, your passion, your commitment, and how much hard work you are willing to put in.