Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone
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Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone? All Steps Revealed!

Productivity is a highly valued aspect in 2023. We are all trying to be our most productive selves. And that is why we love to schedule things. From scheduling meetings to grocery deliveries, we like to plan it all. It makes us feel prepared. Nowadays you can Schedule a delivery for early morning by ordering and paying for it the night before. You can schedule alarms that remind you to drink water on time and do your chores. This makes staying on track way easier. But among all the questions people have about scheduling, Can You Schedule A Text On iPhone is a very asked one. You might have wondered about it as well. So if you want your doubts cleared, keep reading this article.

Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone

What does Can You Schedule A Text On iPhone mean?

In case you are not aware of this concept, let us tell you what it is about. Scheduling a text means writing a text and scheduling it to be sent to somebody or multiple people at a time in the future. This is a way to delay a message or to send it at a specific time. It is a marketing tactic used by businesses and organizations.

Why do people send Scheduled Texts?

A person rarely schedules a text for personal reasons. But sometimes, one can and do schedule texts for personal reasons. Perhaps they want to send a birthday text at midnight but can’t stay up that late. Then they might schedule the text to be sent at midnight. This way, their loved one gets a birthday wish on time without the person having to stay up.

But more often, people schedule messages for business purposes. For instance, companies schedule texts to be sent out to their potential customers to promote their business. Besides that, if you are a frequent customer of a business, they will send you messages to alert you of upcoming offers, update you on your order information, etc. It is not possible to text thousands of people at the same time. This is why businesses and organizations schedule texts to be sent out to multiple people at the same time.

Moreover, schedule texts are also sent monthly invoices of continued service or payment reminders. You will often get messages that ask for your feedback on a service or good you purchased or tried. These kinds of texts are all scheduled ones.

Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone

Can You Schedule A Text On iPhone? What are the various ways?

Personal Number

There are multiple ways in which one can schedule a text on their iPhone. We have listed all the possible ways you can do that. This section is for people who want to send scheduled messages from their personal mobile numbers to just one person. You cannot Schedule texts to be sent from a personal number to multiple people at the same time. Either you have to send it from a business number or with the help of a different application. Check out the following ways you can schedule a text from your personal number to be sent to one person.

Shortcuts app

Follow the given instructions:

  • Open the shortcut application on your iPhone. In case you have an older version of the iPhone, you will need to install the application from the Apple App Store.
  • You need to create personal automation on this app so tap on that option on your screen.
  • Once you do that, you will be required to set the time for the automation. This means that you will have to set a time for when you want the text to be sent. You have to also set the date.
  • After you’ve set the time and date of the text, tap on the add action option. Here you will have to select a contact to whom the message is going to go to. Type in the message you want to send as well.
  • One thing to remember here is that the shortcuts app usually will repeat the automation. That means it will repeat the automation you sent. If you want to send a scheduled text just once, check on the default option to Ask Before Running. This will prevent the automation from repeating itself and ask permission before it does.
  • Check that you have created the automation correctly and then tap Done. Your scheduled text is now set and it will be sent on time.

Setting A Reminder

You can schedule texts on your iPhone by setting them up on your reminders application. This is different than the other options as it doesn’t automatically send the message itself. You need to set a reminder so that you remember to send a message. It is a scheduled text in a way since you are pre-planning a message to be sent. This is something you can do if you are worried you’ll forget to send a text at a certain time. But if you know for a fact that you won’t be able to send a text yourself, do not opt for this option.

How do you set the reminder? Read to know:

  • Open the Reminders Application.
  • Tap on the + Reminder to set it.
  • Set a title to your reminder.
  • Now in the actual contents of the reminder, type in your intended message.
  • Then set the date and time for the reminder. This should be set at the date and time when you want the message to be sent. You can also ideally set it at a minute before you need to send the actual message. This is to give you time to actually send the message.
  • When you have selected all the required details, tap Done.
  • When you get the reminder later on, open it and copy the message you had written in the contents of it. Paste it into the Messages application on your iPhone and send it to the intended person.

Business Number or Business Reasons


MessageDesk is an application that can help you send scheduled text messages. To do that, follow the given steps:

  • Install the MesssageDesk application on your iPhone.
  • Add in your mobile number.
  • Allow the application to sync with your contacts on your mobile.
  • Now you have to select the contact/contacts/group/groups you want to send scheduled texts to.
  • This application, unlike other options, allows you to send multiple messages to multiple people at once.
  • After you select the contact(s) or group(s), select the date and time for the text and type in the text.
  • After you’ve checked all the details to be correct, hit Confirm Schedule.
  • You have successfully scheduled a text.

This is a great option for businesses or anybody running a small business from home. It allows you to send scheduled texts to a lot of people at the same time or at various times. It won’t be wise of us to mention all the websites or applications that help you do this, hence we recommend you check out other ones in case this one doesn’t work.

Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone

Conclusive Insights

A lot of people ask, Can You Schedule A Text On iPhone? We are not always capable to send messages to the right person at the right time. Scheduling texts help people personally and professionally. If you wanted to k ow how you can schedule a text on iPhone, we hope to have helped you. Depending on your need, try out our suggestions.

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