Is There Going to Be Another Stay Close Season 2? Find Out If There Will Be One Today!

Stay Close is a mystery-drama miniseries that is based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, which was created through Red Production Company for Netflix. The series follows the story of Megan Pierce, who’s a mother who lives in Livingstone and is engaged to Dave. They have three children, and each faces the struggles of daily life.

Ray Levine was a talented documentary photographer at one time, but he fell for a woman, who became his love, and the loss changed his life forever. He is now working as an employee paparazzo. Michael Broome is a detective who is still haunted by a cold case that occurred 17 years ago and the local couple, Mr., and Mrs. Green. Stewart Green disappeared 17 years ago without a trace or evidence. And Green’s wife is still waiting for Stewart to be found.

The story begins when a man is reported absent on the day of Stewart’s death, and Broome is forced to take the matter to his own. Broome’s investigation exposes old wounds and results in a couple of exciting psychopaths that are seeking to fulfill their own goals.

The show premiered in December 2021, and viewers were in love with the drama in the early days. Now, they’re thinking about what might happen in season 2 of Stay Close. If you’re also in the process of waiting for it, then you’re in the right spot.

Is it renewed or canceled?

There needs to be more information about the status of renewal for the show as of right now. However, there’s a story to be told after the first season, and we’re hoping there will be a sequel to Stay Close.

Richard Armitage told that the twist that exposed Dave as an unintentional murderer leaves a “tiny, tiny door” to a possible sequel.

He continued: “It’s such a brilliant twist. One of the things I love about it is that you can’t know what he’s doing. (gabapentin) It’s clear that someone was in the back of the vehicle.

“You aren’t able to see anyone in his vehicle, and you aren’t able to actually witness the event take place; it’s all the viewers’ imagination. But, of course, he’s unaware of what he’s been up to, which I believe is an excellent opener for Stay Close 2 – who is to say?”

There’s a chance of a Stay Close Season 2.

As the show is still in the process of being renewed, there’s yet to be an official release date for a sequel of The Stay Close currently. However, we anticipate the show’s premiere in 2023 since most scripted TV shows run on a roughly annual schedule.

But, if we take an in-depth look, none of the Harlan Coben adaptations produced thus so far have been re-released for more than a few seasons. This means that if there is a standout, then it must be extremely well-liked by the viewers. Although the odds are low, it’s certainly not impossible. (

Watch the trailer of the first season in case you still need to watch it.

Stay Close Plot

In season one’s finale, we learn that Lorraine is the one responsible for all the murders, and she murdered one man in the past year after she became a victim of an abusive relationship. The first victim she killed was Stewart Green, who was fixated on Cassie, the fictitious character of Megan.

Lorraine takes Megan to the woods to show Stewart’s dead body. She believed seeing Stewart’s dead body would free Megan from her situation. However, Megan flees the scene, looking horrified and frightened.

Ray discovers the body and takes it away to safeguard Megan. In conclusion, we figured out the reason why Carlton’s body was not located. Because Dave was unaware that he drowned him in the car’s boot after pushing the vehicle into the lake.

Lorraine accepts the responsibility for Carlton’s death when she decides to protect the girls. The question that will be answered in the upcoming season is whether Megan knows the details of what Dave did and how it will affect their relationship?

What has the cast said regarding Stay Close season two?

Richard Armitage, who plays Ray, is optimistic that the possibility of the second season is high. “You aren’t able to observe him on the road, and you aren’t able to actually witness the event take place; it’s all in the viewer’s imagination,” he exclaims. “And obviously, there’s no way to know what he did, and I think that’s another great opener for season 2. You never know.”

Bethany Antonia, who plays daughter Kayleigh, has said that season two could begin with a time jump. “I believe it will be a recurrence. However, it will be the future,” Antonia theorizes. “It could be the wedding of Kayleigh when she’s around 35. Then, when she passes through a yellow car, it triggers every memory.”

What exactly is Stay Close about?

According to the official description, “With the same trademark thrills, thrilling suspense, and a mystery in search of a solution, Stay Close questions what you know about who you know. Three individuals living a comfortable life each have dark secrets that those closest to them would never consider; Megan (Cush Jumbo) is a mom of three children; Ray (Richard Armitage), who was once a promising documentary photographer, is now trapped in a job that isn’t working well and is selling to the celebrity-driven rich kids, and Broome (James Nesbitt), the detective, who’s stuck on the cold case of a missing person. When the past returns in their wake and threatens to destroy their lives and the lives of everyone surrounding them, what could be their next step?”

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