The Best Podcasts for Men of Every Age and Profession

Today, music lovers do not have to tune into their favorite radio station to listen to songs. Instead, people open a particular app and play whenever and whatever they want. The same thing goes in the case of conversation with podcasts. While searching for the best podcasts for men online, you will get millions of them and about 30 million episodes present between them. Here you will know a few podcasts to try for 2023.

Best Podcasts for Men of Every Age and Profession

Podcast of Tim Ferris Experiment

There is hardly anything that Tim Ferris has not tried to perform by his hands. He organized a TV series named Tim Ferris Experiment, where he accomplished the task of learning something new within a record time. Tim Ferris’s podcast thus reveals his diverse activities, which include his efforts to stay productive, invest in a better way, learn the Japanese language, learning the techniques of martial arts. Moreover, his podcast and series also highlight his efforts to cook food in a better way and acquire skills in horseback archery. If you are still looking for an excellent conversation, you will get so from the interaction of Tim Ferris with his guests in the TV series.

Monday Morning Podcast

Do you want to listen to the famous comedian Bill Burr rambling on your interested topics or the ones that anger you? Monday Morning podcast is the right one for you. Luckily, you may get it easily by looking for the best podcasts for men on search engines. The podcast shows the communication between Bill Burr and other people, who often complain about Monday morning. Here, you do not have to be hesitant while listening or discussing controversial topics, or using vulgar words. Instead, the show is excellent for everyone, who wants to laugh at frustrations and absurdities going on in the modern world.

Podcast of Joshua Sigafus

Do you love to dig deep into discussions related to alpha mentality, and mating behavior? Alternatively, do you want to level up your current dating life to become a competent man? You should dedicate time to listen to the podcast of the same name by the YouTuber Joshua Sigafus. As a blogger and dating coach, he discusses the alpha mentality and mating behavior of men. Simultaneously, he gives a few valuable dating tips and lets you d`evelop your value as a man. Joshua adopted a conversational style to narrate various stories related to his previous dating adventures.

Hardcore History Podcast

Hosted by Dan Carlin, Hardcore History podcast will take men several years back with tales highlighting various significant events and moments in worldwide history. The uniqueness of this podcast is that every episode clocks in at about 4 hours. However, the interval between the two episodes of this podcast is about 1 month. Hence, Hardcore History lovers get the same experience as they have while waiting for a movie as compared to a weekly series.

The Art of Manliness Podcast

The Art of Manliness has recently become one of the best podcasts for men of almost every age group and profession. The series is perfect for every man who wants to know the right way to pitch tents, take proper care of the beard, and other aspects that highlight manliness. Brett McKay is the host of the one-hour show, where he discusses with interview guests diverse subjects, like effective conversations, relieving stress, and many aspects of philosophy.

Podcast of The Knowledge Project

Shane Parrish has a passion for mental models or the tools to think about diverse things. The mental models also act as lenses to interpret the external world accurately. Shane Parrish’s interest in mental models has made him publish a book and start his podcast referred to The Knowledge Project. Here, each guest shows a huge interest to acquire knowledge about theories from their chosen fields and discuss their innovative ideas. The podcast arrives each couple of weeks.

Podcast of Freakonomics Radio

A famous economist Steven Levitt and a journalist Stephen Dubner collaborated to write a novel called Freakonomics. The book funnily explores various concepts of economics with the use of sumo wrestling and other similar examples. The book has become a success within only a few years with massive sales of 4 million copies right from its release in 2005 to 2009. Considering the success of the novel, the duo decided to release a documentary, blog, and podcast as Freakonomics Radio. Here, the episodes are within 30 minutes and intend to create apparent world workings and hidden economics.

Reply All Podcast

Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt are the hosts of the Reply All podcast. The duo launches the podcast to provide several interesting stories over the internet to keep you concerned and entertained simultaneously. The podcast creates awareness of Snapchat hackers, Bitcoin hunters, and several other online threats. However, it also gives valuable tips and tactics to prevent hacking and other pitfalls.

Science Vs Podcast

Science VS is also one of the best podcasts for men and it is a science podcast hosted by science journalist Wendy Zukerman. The podcast takes on trends, fads, and many opinionated mobs to check and find out the fact behind them. Wendy has adopted a myth-busting approach in the show to deal with the latest events and controversial topics. Later, she also conducts checking of facts and researches the underlying scientific literature in detail. Depending on the chosen topic, the podcast also interviews scientists and other experts.

Podcast of 27 Club

Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and several other musical icons died at the young age of only 27 years. Hence, the podcast of 27 Club hosted by Jake Brennan narrated their stories. The podcast is for all men who want dramatic lives lead by spurious patterns and rockstars.


Whether you want to shape your facial hair or survive a nuclear apocalypse, you will get a wide range of podcasts available for men. You only have to charge your headphones to lean on them and get ultimate enjoyment.

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