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Walking Tall and Mini: The Punk Way of Life with Platforms and Mini Skirts

So, you’ve decided to bring out the rebellious teen in you, huh? Or perhaps you’re just reliving those gold ol’ angsty days. Either way, platform shoes and mini skirts scream “I’m here, I’m audacious, and I might kick over a trash can for the fun of it.” Let’s rock out with some punk fashion wisdom!

A Brief Crash Course in Punk History (Minus the Boring Bits)

Punk’s not just a music genre; it’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a fashion statement. It shouts: “I’m rebelling!” but also, “I spent 2 hours styling this intentionally messy hair.” Remember, punk is as punk does. And what does punk do? Well, for starters, it wears platform shoes and mini skirts.

Elevate Your Attitude: Platform Shoes

The Rise of Platforms: In the 70s, platforms said “I’m groovy”. By the late 70s and 80s, they yelled, “Mosh pit, here I come!”

Safety First: Let’s get real. The higher the platform, the closer to the punk rock gods, but also the closer to a twisted ankle. Tread with attitude but caution.

Pairing 101: Platforms scream for attention. Pair them with fishnets or neon socks. Oh, and always do the “I won’t trip in these” test before heading out.

Minis: The Less is More (Literally) Approach

Why Minis? Nothing says “rebellion” like defying conventional length.

Punk Up Your Skirt: Look for plaid patterns, zippers, leather, or even skirts with band patches.

Wardrobe Malfunction Safety Nets: Wear shorts underneath, because while you’re punk rock, you’re also a lady.

The Punk Fusion: Platforms + Mini Skirts

Combine the two, and what do you get? An outfit that’s ready to rock on the streets and turn heads. Imagine the clash of a bold mini skirt with towering platforms – it’s like the Sex Pistols met Spice Girls. Kind of.

Tie-Ins with Punk Clothing:

The Leather Jacket: The unsung hero of the punk wardrobe. Pair with your mini, platforms, and attitude.

Studded Accessories: Belts, chokers, bracelets. If it’s not studded, is it even punk?

Band Tees: The older and more faded, the better. Preferably from a concert you’ve never attended.

Brands to Help You Achieve Peak Punk-tastic Vibes:

Dr. Martens: The godfather of punk footwear. They’ve been laced up by everyone from Joey Ramone to models on the runway.

Tripp NYC: They’ve been in the punk game since the 80s and know a thing or two about zippers and plaid.

Dolls Kill: Yes, it might feel “mainstream punk”, but they’ve got some gems. Plus, where else can you get a punk skirt, platform mary janes, and a matching band tee?

Angry, Young and Poor: Because the name says it all. Get punk apparel without breaking the bank.

Punk’s Not Dead; It’s Just Evolving (and Shopping Online)

Whether you’re dressing punk to make a statement or just because you feel like it, remember that punk is all about being true to yourself. So, wear those platforms with pride, rock that black mini skirt, and maybe, just maybe, kick over a trash can (metaphorically, of course).


In the wise words of Billy Idol, it’s a “nice day to start again”. So why not start with a killer punk wardrobe? Embrace the platforms, twirl in that mini, and most importantly, wear your punk attitude on your sleeve. Rock on!

P.S. If someone asks if those platforms are hard to walk in, just snarkily reply, “I like to live on the edge.” It’s very punk of you.

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