How To Stream Netflix On Discord - A Complete Guide To It
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How To Stream Netflix On Discord – A Complete Guide To It!

If you wish to share your Netflix account with friends and family, you will have to get a premium subscription of the same. Clearly, you will incur an additional cost to accomplish the same. However, one of the most famous video calling apps, Discord, can help you in this situation. You can easily share your screen with friends by using this app. However, there are specific steps that you need to follow.In this blog we will discuss all about how to stream Netflix on Discord. Hence, pay attention so that you don’t miss out on an important step. 

The Complete Steps On How To Stream Netflix On Discord

how to stream netflix on discord

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Listed below is the complete procedure that you can follow to stream Netflix on Discord and enjoy a fun family time. 

Step 1. 

You are first supposed to log in to the Discord app. To accomplish the same, either download the Discord app or access it on the web browser. 

Step 2. 

Once you are successfully logged in, try to access the user setting by simply clicking on the gear icon. Over there, you will find Registered Games. Click on that, too, and you will further come across an option to add it. You are now supposed to add games. 

Step 3. 

It is now time to choose a voice channel on the server on which you wish to stream Netflix. 

Step 4. 

Leave the Discord browser running in the background and open a new tab. Over there, visit the homepage of Netflix web and log in with the required credentials. 

Step 5. 

On the homepage, you will come across a small TV icon with an arrow on it pointing outwards. Well, that is the screen button. You will have to click it in order to begin the screen sharing process. 

Step 6. 

Further, navigate to your tabs. Once done, select the share tab audio option that is present over there. 

Step 7. 

Access the list of tabs and select the tab on which you logged in to the Netflix application. You are now supposed to click share. 

Step 8. 

You will notice ‘live’ written next to your username. Well, this is the sign that you are successfully streaming Netflix on Discord. 

How to stop streaming Netflix on Discord!


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Once you are done streaming Netflix via Discord, you will have to stop it. To accomplish the same, you will have to find a small television screen icon with an X embedded in it. Click on that to stop the streaming process. 

In case you are not able to find the television screen with X, look for the option to stop sharing. Once you find that, simply click it, and your Netflix screen will no longer be shared on Discord. 

Summary of the article 

This was our blog on how to stream Netflix on Discord. This is a very simple process that will hardly cost you a few minutes. In addition, it is also an economical way of sharing your Netflix account with your family members and friends. This is because you will not have to buy a premium subscription. Also, by sharing your Netflix screen through Discord, you will all get to experience family time (or friends time). Hence, you can follow these steps to enjoy the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why do I need to stream Netflix on Discord? 

Sharing your Netflix account with friends and family is only possible when you have a premium account. In case you don’t want to spend extra bucks on getting a premium subscription, you will have to find out ways to share your Netflix screen. In this case, Discord can offer you some help. You can stream Netflix on Discord without incurring any additional cost. 

How much time will it take to share my Netflix screen on Discord? 

If you are aware of all the steps, it will hardly take 5 minutes to share your Netflix screen with family/friends on Discord. 

How do I stop streaming Netflix on Discord? 

When you are done watching a movie or show when streaming Netflix on Discord, simply click on the television screen icon that has an X. Or instead, you can also find and click the stop sharing button to accomplish the same. 

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