Make Your Wedding Truly Memorable
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Make Your Wedding Truly Memorable

As the bride, you know that your wedding is a day you’ll never forget. For your guests, however, you’ll need to make the event extra spectacular if you want them to remember it forever. Here are some ways you can address the most important aspects of your wedding to encourage a lasting impression.

The Venue

While it can be a Herculean task to find the location for your big day, it can be just as much work transforming the generic space into something personal and special. Many event spaces are blank slates in need of some dressing up. This is where an event production New Canaan CT team can step in and design the perfect atmosphere. Having someone with experience can help you coordinate the most impactful details, such as lighting, table settings, and décor.

The Food

When it comes to wedding food, most guests are excited to see something outside the box. However, it can be difficult to please every palate if you have a lot of people coming. Focus on quality food that’s cooked well, seasoned well and is appealing to many different tastes. Be sure to accommodate those with special dietary requests.

Though you can’t forget the cake, many wedding goers love to see other dessert options as well. Consider a dessert table with other sweet options: cookies, candy or ice cream. You might even supply to-go bags, so people can take some treats home as a favor.

The Entertainment

Most weddings are all about the dancing, but if you and your partner are opposed to this idea, think about some alternatives to keep your guests occupied. For example, you might incorporate a trivia game about the two of you or put together a video or slideshow that people can watch. ( You also might hire out special entertainment, such as a band or other live performer.

When planning your wedding, your preferences should come first, but it pays to think about your guests as well. The party will be more fun if everyone is comfortable, well-fed and entertained.

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