The Various Edwardian Antique Ring Designs

Of all the many styles of antique jewellery, perhaps the Edwardian period is the most interesting, which ran from 1901-1910, the span of the reign of King Edward VII. After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, her son Edward VII became king, and he had an elite group of fashionable courtiers that followed the fashions of mainland Europe at that time. Here is a brief description of the various jewellery styles to be found in this colourful era. (

  • Diamond Centre Stones – Large clusters with a diamond central stone were all the rage at this time, and thanks to Art Deco influence, lots of colour was incorporated. There were new diamond cuts at this time, which encouraged people to use diamonds in jewellery that was made to order. Semi-precious stones were principally used to create a cluster around the central diamond, making for a very attractive and quite large ring.
  • Sophistication And Elegance – These two words certainly are an accurate description of the styles in the Edwardian period, with lots of colourful gemstones and intricate metalwork, with rings that were very colourful and quite fragile, thanks to delicate frames. If you are looking for stunning jewellery, check out the antique diamond rings available at Kalmar Antiques, which are also very affordable.


  • Pearls – Pearls were often used in the making of Edwardian jewellery, with small clusters around a larger pearl, making an ideal ring design. Jewellery items reflected the floral round and swirly shapes of the Art Deco trend, and the use of pearls was credited to Tiffany, as the jeweller introduced freshwater pearls into the jewellery scene. Pearl rings were very popular during the reign of Edward VII and you can find a lot of them if you search through the online antique dealers.
  • The Introduction of Platinum – It was around this time that platinum began to replace silver as the main metal used for jewellery making, while rose gold was also popular with ring makers. Platinum is the ideal metal for making rings, as it is very hard and difficult to tarnish, and during the early Edwardian days, this fine metal made its debut into the jewellery world.
  • Popular Gemstones – The semi-precious stones used in the Edwardian era were topaz, ruby, sapphire, amethyst and garnet, and they were arranged in large clusters, usually with a central stone. If you would like to view some Edwardian rings, the online jeweller would have a collection of top quality and genuine rings that reflect the colourful designs of that day.


An antique Edwardian diamond engagement ring would make for the ideal way to propose, and if she happens to love that period, you can search online until you find the perfect ring from an established online jeweller. For many women, Edwardian jewellery has a special attraction, with its colourful and very artistic designs. As the era is so popular, pieces made during the Edwardian period tend to appreciate well in value.

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