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Explore Amsterdam in Style With These Tips and Tricks

Europe is opening back up for those with a longing wanderlust soul. And honestly, thank goodness. After years of having to put our romantic travel dreams aside while the world shut down, it is now again time to pack those bags, find that passport and head back to Europe to Explore Amsterdam for that long-awaited holiday abroad. 

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Europe is full of charm, history and a diverse collection of countries who are each as amazing as the next. But if you are going to Europe, make sure you leave time to at least explore Amsterdam for a little while. 

Not only is it the capital of the Netherlands, but it is arguably one of the most popular places to Explore Amsterdam  for people to visit in Europe. This city has everything you could ever want. From stunning old-world architecture to affordable experiences and a city that you can easily explore by foot, bike or tram this city is one that dreams are really made of. 

While you could probably hit the ground running and see the majority of the popular sights in a day, we promise that once you arrive you will be wanting to spend way more time there in the end. 

From the Old Centre to the Red Light District and the endless museums that line the city, the Amsterdams deserve a top spot on your travel wishlist. And to make sure that you have the time of your life in this fantastic European city, we have put together the top tips and tricks for you to consider when planning out your itinerary. 

Top Tips and Tricks to explore Amsterdam 

1. Store Your Luggage

There is nothing worse than being bogged down by luggage. Especially when you have limited time and big plans for your time in Amsterdam. Whether you are arriving by train or plane into Netherland’s coolest city, know that you can easily arrange luggage storage in Schiphol in advance. By simply booking online at a convenient retailer, you will be able to roam the streets without worrying about your luggage prohibiting you from exploring. 

2. Be Ready to Learn

Amsterdam is full of incredible museums and rich history. You owe it to yourself to come to this city with an open mind that is eager to learn and absorb everything that has made Amsterdam what it is. Best of all, you do not have to be fluent in Dutch to learn a thing or two. The majority of people in this city also speak really great English—with many of the museums catered towards international travelers. 

3. Getting Around by Bike is a Must

One of the most cliché experiences that you absolutely need to do when in Amsterdam is by roaming around by bicycle. In fact, the majority of locals use their bikes over cars to get around. This means that bike traffic can be quite heavy. But it is nonetheless a fun and invigorating way to get around. Best of all, you can easily snag a bike rental for the day for around $10. But if biking is not for you, then the majority of the city is designed to be walkable as well. You will be amazed at what you find when venturing through the city at a slower pace. 

4. Vacation Rentals are in Full Force

One of the best ways to truly experience a European city like Amsterdam is by staying in local neighborhoods in a real home. As we alluded to earlier, the architecture in Amsterdam is absolutely stunning. And you will love waking up and feeling like a true local. There are plenty of holiday homes to rent in Amsterdam, with many being cheaper than some hostels or hotels. 

5. Eat all the Food

Come to Amsterdam with a super adventurous craving. The food here is delicious and you should do at least one foodie tour while visiting. Of all the things that you do try, make sure to at least taste test their world-famous stroopwafel. It is a delicious sweet treat that we reckon you will instantly become addicted to. The food scene here is vibrant, with an array of classic restaurants and hipster cafes. So there is really something for everyone here when it comes to food. 

6. Take a Ride Through the Canals

The canal system through Amsterdam is unique, special and an absolute must. While exploring by bike or foot is great, you should at least take one ride down the canal as well. You will notice that many locals actually live in houseboats on the canal and that the waterway is a whole new world on its own. This is also a great place to grab those ultimate holiday snaps. 

7. Have a Picnic in the Park

Head to one of the local markets, grab a picnic lunch and spend that afternoon lounging in one of the many green spaces scattered around Amsterdam. This city has no shortage of parks and you will find that it is one of the favorite things for both locals and tourists alike to do. Plus,  many of the parks are lined with beautiful flowers so if you make it at the right time of year, you can be surrounded by a colorful array of freshly bloomed tulips. 

8. You Can Explore on Any Budget

When in Amsterdam, you can have an amazing holiday experience regardless of your budget. If you are a student backpacker wanting to travel around on just $20 dollars a day, you can do just that. But if you are a working professional who wants an indulgent luxurious trip, you can equally have some posh stays and experiences that are worth every cent. The biggest tip of all for mastering a visit here on your budget is to do some research ahead of time and see what other people recommend. 


We could go on and on about how amazing Amsterdam is. But we’ll let these 8 tips and tricks get you excited enough to book your plane ticket to one of Europe’s best cities!

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