How to Recall an Email in Outlook?

Wouldn’t you like to have the option to recall an email? Many users would probably answer that question with a resounding yes. The ability to recall emails is a must-have feature for someone who handles massive amounts of correspondence. Understanding that you could have the power to recall an email, Outlook provides the opportunity to fix any typos and change the entire signature or reword sentences. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recall a sent email from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Recalling an email is a way to get back to a sender, but it’s not the same as sending a new message. The reasons for recalling emails could be numerous such as:

  • You realize that the message was not meant for the person who received it.
  • The message contains sensitive information that should not be shared with everyone in your contact list.
  • You want to send a new follow-up message without being seen as nagging by your contact.
  • The recipient has replied, but you want them to delete their reply before they see what you said.
  • You’ve made a mistake in the subject line or body of the message.
  • You’ve sent a message to someone who doesn’t need it and is unlikely to read it.
  • A significant event has occurred since you sent the message, such as a change in deadline or meeting location.

If you’re looking for how to recall an email in Outlook, here are a few steps to follow:


  1. Open the Sent Items folder.
  2. Select the message, then double-click it to open it in another window.
  3. Under the Information tab, choose File. Here, you’ll find an option to recall the email.
  4. Use the Recall This Message command to cancel or re-send a message. You can choose the following of the two options:
  • Delete Unread Copies: Choosing this option will automatically delete the sent item from the recipient’s inbox.
  • Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message: Choosing this option will not only recall the email but also allow you to replace the email with a new message. A new window will open for you to compose a new email.

Select the check box to indicate whether you want to be notified if the message is successfully recalled or did not recall.

The Bottom Line

While the ability to recall an email may not be surprising for most Outlook users, it is a valuable feature for business owners or consumers who could use the help of formal writing. Recalling an email is important. Otherwise, mistakes could lead to lost credibility and unwanted issues.


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