Mark Your Calendars: The Doors of Stone Release Date is Set!!

You will witness the release of the final novel in “The Kingkiller” chronicle trio series, The Doors of Stone, from the Patrick Rothfuss. The Doors of Stone tour dates information is available for celebratory readings to be held in cities selected following the Doors of Stone release date.

The author might have written an article on funerals. According to the author dying should be done respectfully and in a suitable location. The series’ final chapter will be filled with suspense and mystery as it comes out. There are currently no details about the characters that will be featured in the novel because the author has decided not to reveal anything.

However, we’re discussing it because the rumor mill is churning, and I won’t make you feel confused and left with no idea. The latest information is Patrick Rothfuss’s The Doors of Stone has a release date because it is at the editor’s!

It would be nice if this were the case. However, it’s almost certainly not.

The Online Rumor!

In the last month, famous fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey was engaging with people on Quora, a discussion board similar to Reddit, where she is active. Some Quora users were laughing on a thread about the Biblical time of the end and discussing the history of these prophecies.

A commenter posted the joke by stating that Rothfuss is close to publishing the next book in the series and it will be very soon. The discussion became gripping after Lackey entered the chat. She wrote, “Speaking as someone who shares a publisher, I can confidently tell you Doors of Stone release date is sooner than expected because it is at the editor.”

After some research, it was discovered that Lackey did not refer to The Doors of Stone at all. In response to requests from fans to clarify the matter, Lackey shared a link to another of Rothfuss’s books.

Suppose Lackey realized she’d did not know what she was doing and was covering the wrong story, making fun of fans, or lost. In that case, this is likely not the story that people had hoped for it to be. Finally, we’ll learn the Doors of Stone release date from Rothfuss himself!

A bit of Background

Even before the book, titled the Name of the Wind, Rothfuss expressed his desire to complete his Kingkiller Trilogy when it came out. In an interview in 2017, the author claimed that, despite disagreements with the editor, his title for the final book would be the Doors of Stone due to the consensus of the public. However, later on, the author convinced the editor to change the title.

The First Two in the Series

The first novel, The Name of the Wind, was published in 2007, while the second, The Wise Man’s Fear, came out in 2011 exactly 10 years before the present day. The novel is set in a world of fantasy and concentrates on the area of Temerant. The plot revolves around a character called Kvothe.

As a teenager, he became one of the greatest magicians the world has ever witnessed, beyond the magic, spells, and such. It’s the simple tale of the magician who had been an orphan. Still, regardless of the odds, he was admitted into one of the most outstanding Universities of Magic.

The sequel begins from the point where the first novel concluded. The story focuses on Kvothe’s struggle to uncover the real cause of his parent’s death. Kvothe also seeks the mystery surrounding Amyr, who is the Chandrian. He is determined to unravel the secrets behind the puzzle. The second novel also focuses on the main characters and their struggle to be a part of his legacy.

The Doors of Stone release date

After a long wait, people believed they had finally received their own piece of literature by Patrick Rothfuss. The wait has been 10 years, nearly 10 years! It was previously thought that the Doors of Stone release date would be July 8th, 2021. This was, however, incorrect. Unfortunately, we do not have any date for the release of Doors of Stone. We’ll update you when we learn more information.

There was a rumor that Patrick Rothfuss would publish the last book in the Kingkiller Trilogy in July 2021. The word was confirmed with the publication of an Amazon Product Entry. However, if you’re reading this article, you know the entry was inaccurate. Thus, making the entire leak a false rumor.

This is because Amazon requires a date for the product’s release to be a valid entry. But we can only speculate. This has saddened those fans who’ve waited to see Doors of Stone for over a decade.

Spoiler Alert!

The novel will begin exactly where it left off in the Wise Man’s Fear Kvothe story. But, the length of the final book will be considerably shorter than previous novels, particularly The Wise Man’s Fear.

Recently, Rothfuss dropped a few clues about the plot engaging with his fans via his social media handles. According to him, an exciting new adventure could commence, and this time it’s one among the considerable places in the trio – the University could be less critical in the last book. In addition, the storyteller could be absent in the final showdown. He made an unconfirmed comment, resulting in a second mystery in readers’ minds.

Why The Delay?

As stated by Patrick Rothfuss, Doors of Stone would be the final novel within The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy. They will conclude Kvothe’s story by closing the current arc, but more tales from Temerant will be coming soon. The confirmation was made by Patrick Rothfuss on Episode 153 on The SFG Signal podcast.

The Doors of Stone author Rothfuss apologized to his fans in 2021 for the delay siting his issues in his life and mental health as the reasons. And that was the main reason for the delay in Doors of Stone.


In the end, the Doors of Stone release date has yet to be discovered. Therefore, the fans of this series keep waiting until they receive a news release from Patrick Rothfuss and/or his publishing company. However, even with the lack of details, readers who are fans of the Kingkiller Chronicles series remain eager and eager for the publication of the next novel of the trilogy. Therefore, it’s inevitable that Doors of Stone will be a highly anticipated book when it comes out.


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