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Fun pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you

Nowadays, it looks like the pre-wedding shoot has become more important than clicking pictures at the wedding. This is because every wedding around the world needs to have a pre-wedding ceremony which is basically a photoshoot.   Well, going gaga over pre-wedding photoshoot is valid and legit too since it is one of the beautiful memories you will have once …

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The ultimate bridal shower planning guide

Organizing a bridal shower for your bestie is the number one duty for every maid of honor. The bachelorette party is the bride’s biggest expectation from her bridesmaids. This is her last fling before the ring so her expectations will be high all through. Here, we give you a guide that will make the bride-to-be remember her bridal shower forever. …

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10 Reasons You Should Get Premarital Counseling Before the WeddingCounseling, Marriage, Wedding

10 Reasons You Should Get Premarital Counseling Before the Wedding

Too often when a couple hears the words “marriage counseling,” they think of a struggling relationship on the rocks. However, the opposite is true. A study conducted by Bradley University shows couples who attend marital counseling before getting married, have a 30% higher chance of having a successful marriage than couples who do not. Get a head start on a …

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5 Unmistakable Signs You're Having Marital Problems (And What to Do Next)Marriage

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Having Marital Problems (And What to Do Next)

Every year, there are more than 2.2 million couples who make the decision to get married. But unfortunately, there are also more than 800,000 couples who make the decision to get divorced. In a perfect world, all married couples would live happily ever after following their wedding day. But as we all know, most couples experience marital problems at one …

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